9 Bullet Journal Ideas for Woo Woo Babes


For us, spiritual boss babes, creativity is part of our process and flow.


Discover magical bullet journal ideas for woo babes below.


The divine feminine holds our creative power, however, we may not all have figured out the most therapeutic way to unleash this creativity.


That is why I love bullet journaling! At first, I was extremely hesitant to due to a lack of artistic ability.


Now I love to organize my thoughts in a gorgeous bullet journal format.


Check out the bullet journal ideas for woo babes below to help ignite some passions and create a more mindful journaling experience.

1 .  Track the Moon Cycles

How magical and full of moon power is this bullet journal idea for woo woo babes!

This is hands down my favorite way to keep track of the lunar phases and dates.


Moon Phase Bullet Journal Spread

Source: @thebujophase

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2. Mood Mandalas


This has got to be my favorite mood tracker page I've seen yet! I love the different and creative ways that mood tracker pages have been designed, but this Mandala is by far my favorite!


boho berry mood mandala

Source: bohoberry.com 



It could just be that I am a freak for The Secret and Law of Attraction, but I love this Quotes page.

I actually hadn't thought of creating quote bullet journal spreads, but now I am alllll about it!


Bullet Journal Quotes

Source: @toris_bujo



4. Dream Journaling Design


This gorgeous bullet journal page is full of dream watercolor. This would be a perfect aesthetic for a dream tracker!


Halees Comet Dreaming Journal

source @haylees.comet



5. Crystal Designs

Doodling and drawing crystals in your bullet journal has got to be the most high vibe way to bullet journal ever!


Halees Comet Crystals

source @haylees.comet



6.  Goal Setting


Another favorite from Boho Berry. Level 10 Life Goal setting is one of my favorite techniques to utilize when planning all areas of my life.


I love the way she created this level 10 bullet journal spread!


level 10 goals bullet journal

Source: Bohoberry.com

7. Self Care

Self Care is the most important human need.


Tracking your self-care and creating pretty bullet journal spreads for it is a great way to motivate you to carve out time for your own needs.


self care bullet journal page

Source: misslouie.com


8. Gratitude Tracker


Keep a gratitude diary in your bullet journal!


Such a great way to remember to practice gratitude each day to help you give thanks and manifest your desires.

Gratitude Tracker Bullet Journal

Source : https://thepetiteplanner.com/monthly-layout-march/



9. Celestial Inspired To Do List


Create Gorgeous Moon and Stars pages in your bullet journal to incorporate some ultimate woo!


Celestial Inspired To Do List

Source: @jannplansthings


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