What is the Energy of Fast Success?

What are manifestation tricks?

What is the Energy of Success?

The Energy of Success allows you to use frequency, vibration, & emotional intelligence as a way to receive more, be in flow, & become a master manifestor.


By operating from this framework, how much you do is no longer how you prove your worth & value to the world.


The world meaning your work, clients, family, partners, & society in general.

To operate from energy you have to know the basics:

  • The energy of money & success


  • What really is limiting your ability to receive.
  • How to create consistent opportunities.


In order to break the cycle of killing yourself to achieve & maintain higher levels of success you must take an ENERGETIC APPROACH TO SUCCESS.

Why is it important to know the Energy of Success?

So you can create a rich, meaningful life that is full of everything you want to be/do/have without BURNOUT.

You can move mountains, create massive success, & love the work you do without:

  • Giving all your energy to to other people.


  • Saying yes to ALL THE THINGS when you really don't want to.


  • Feeling anger, resentment, extreme stress & burnout from all of you energy leaks.

How does the Energy of Success work?

By understanding first of all how energy & vibration affect your life & the opportunities you receive.

Understanding the Energy of Success Will:

  • Explain your money & success limits.


  • Emotional barriers to self worth & fear of getting what you want.


  • How to create consistent momentum in your receiving.

How do I beginning learning about the Energy of Success?

I created a super fast & simple mini training to help you understand & learn about the:

  • energetics of money
  • receiving more
  • and creating momentum.

    Sign up below to grab this free mini training! Enjoy XOXO.

How to Use NLP To Manifest Your Desires

Use NLP To Manifest and Practice Law of Attraction

What is NLP?


NLP is :

Neuro- system of our mind and how we process information.


Linguistic - the language of our mind: sounds, pictures, feelings, smells, and tastes and even our self talk.


Programming - using the programming of our mind to create action and achieve desires.


It is essentially using the program of our mind in order to achieve and manifest our desires.




It was created in the 70's where excellence was modeled after therapists who were creating unwavering change and results in their clients.


It can also be considered the practice of excellence and rewiring your brain to succeed in your life.



We mainly operate from our conscious mind which is very analytical and critical.


We often neglect to think with our subconscious mind which is the powerhouse of our beliefs, actions, habits, emotions, & health.


In order to make a change, we must change on the subconscious level which in many cases (such as hypnotherapy) we need to bypass the critical conscious mind.


With the use of NLP, we use us both the conscious mind and the subconscious to reprogram ourselves for success.

Make changes with your subconscious mind



We take in information through our five senses.


We see, feel, hear, taste, smell, even process information via our internal dialogue.


This is extremely important to know.


When you know how you best process information you can then tailor your mental programming in the most effective way for you.


Our emotions are also a big factor in manifesting.


When you release negative emotions and change the meaning behind past emotional events you can then reprogram yourself for joy, love, & happiness that are essential for calling in your desires.


We also carry belief systems with us that stem from early childhood, society, past generations, and even past lives (if you are a believer).


That is a crazy amount of time to have sticky belief systems about money, success, & health that can cripple our ability to truly believe we can manifest.



The basis of manifestation is knowing exactly what you want and feeling the feelings as if you have it.


You need to feel and believe that what you desire can be attained and that you already have it.


That means you have to release and remove all barriers that get in the way of you believing that you can manifest the thing.


When you use NLP to manifest you can reprogram your brain to remove every barrier that stops you desires from coming into your external reality.



With the work of NLP, you can better visualize by invoking your senses.


If you are more in tune with your sense of feeling you can know to incorporate the act of feeling (internally and/or externally) into your "visualizations".


Visualization doesn't necessarily mean just seeing your desire.


It means creating a picture in your mind's eye and incorporating your senses to make it extremely powerful and believable.


If you are receptive to hearing information you know how to incorporate sounds into your visualization.


If you are more sensitive to feeling (physically or emotionally) you can incorporate the sense of feeling heavily in your visualization.


If you see things you know to incorporate super vivid imagery  (colors, objects, etc) into your picture.


If you are unsure what you're primary sense is;  picture a beach scene and describe out loud as if you were telling a friend.


Record yourself when verbally this beach scene and go back and listen to it.


Write down all sensory words and see if what words are more tied to seeing, hearing, and feeling the scenery.


Whatever sense is most present is your primary representational sense and what you can use to amp up your visualizations.

Self Hypnosis Training for Free

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Having emotional baggage can keep you stuck and prevent manifesting miracles.


We are carrying around negative emotions since birth (or even before) that get stronger and stronger as we grow older.


Our first initial feeling of anger gets compounded with each new event in our life that we experience anger.


That sh*t gets heavy.


You can not move forward with a new reality if you are tied to emotions of the past.


Think about how much fear stops us in our tracks.


Yes, fear is important, however, our bodies overreact with fear in many situations since we are still wired to be fearful of predators in the wild (snakes & lions).


Often times we believe we want something but there are sneaky emotions that are sabotaging the new beliefs we are trying to instill.


You may be telling yourself over & over that you can have something, but deep down you may not believe you are good enough to attain it.


You can break through emotional barriers such as fear and feelings of unworthiness that often cause self-sabotage through NLP techniques.


You can journal on the below to help you find emotional blockages.

My desire is _____________?


What is stopping me from this desire__________?


What action could I take right now to move me closer to my desire?


What do I feel about this action?


We all have a story about money, success, time, health, and just about any other topic in life.


We have belief systems that have been ingrained very early on from family, society, and past generations.


Think about what comes up from you when you think about making money?


You may have belief systems such as money is hard to make, you can only live to survive, or even that rich people are assholes (one of mine lololol).


These are ideas that you believe with conviction and are part of your mental programming.


In order to manifest your desires, it usually takes a massive upheaval of finding limiting beliefs and changing them.


If you write affirmations over and over again or repeat incantations to yourself while these are powerful sometimes they take a long time to uproot.


With the work of NLP, there are many techniques to quickly get to the root of the limiting beliefs and annihilate them.


As you see; NLP is crucial to the manifestation process because NLP is the process of rewiring your brain and emotions.


If you are interested in the power of your subconscious mind I suggested grabbing my Self Hypnosis Training (FREE) below.


NLP and Hypnotherapy are branches of the same modality and self hypnosis is an amazing way to start hacking your brain for changes in health, money, and mindset.

Self Hypnosis Training for Free

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Grab this free training immediately along with a Free Fear & Stress Relief hypnosis recording.

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Learn How to Manifest
Manifesting Abundance
Positive Affirmations for Manifesting

Think and Grow Rich : 25 Inspiring Quotes

** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

"Your subconscious mind recognizes and acts only upon thoughts which have been well-mixed with emotion or feeling."

Napoleon Hill

The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat."

Napoleon Hill

Money Mindset Quotes from Napolean Hill - NLP Mindset Coaching

"Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass."

Napoleon Hill

"Perhaps we shall learn, as we pass through this age, that the 'other self" is more powerful than the physical self we see when we look into a mirror."

Napoleon Hill

"Neglecting to broaden their view has kept some people doing one thing all their lives."

Napoleon Hill

There are no limitations when you learn how to attract money

"If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self."

Napoleon Hill

Buy Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

"One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat."

Napoleon Hill

"The day of the “go-getter” has passed. He has been supplanted by the “go-giver."

Napoleon Hill

You are The Master of Your Destiny - Success Quotes NLP Mindset Coaching

"The ladder of success is never crowded at the top."

Napoleon Hill

"any impulse of thought which is repeatedly passed on to the subconscious mind is, finally, accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind,"

Napoleon Hill

"Those who reach decisions promptly and definitely, know what they want, and generally get it."

Napoleon Hill

Entrepreneur Quotes for Start ups and Business Owners

"We rise to high positions or remain at the bottom because of conditions we can control if we desire to control them."

Napoleon Hill

"If a man repeats a lie over and over, he will eventually accept the lie as truth. Moreover, he will believe it to be the truth."

Napoleon Hill

Self Hypnosis Training for Free

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"Mind control is the result of self-discipline and habit. You either control your mind or it controls you. There is no hall-way compromise."

Napoleon Hill

"The world is filled with an abundance of OPPORTUNITY"

Napoleon Hill

"If you are one of those who believe that hard work and honesty, alone, will bring riches, perish the thought! It is not true!"

Napoleon Hill

"Ideas are intangible forces, but they have more power than the physical brains that give birth to them."

Napoleon Hill

Quotes from Personal Development Book - Think and Grow Rich

"Plain, unemotional words do not influence the subconscious mind. You will get no appreciable results until you learn to reach your subconscious mind with thoughts, or spoken words which have been well emotionalized with BELIEF."

Napoleon Hill

"Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty."

Napoleon Hill

"Riches begin in the form of thought! The amount is limited only by the person in whose mind the thought is put into motion. Faith removes limitations!"

Napoleon Hill

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How To Make an $500 Extra Money Per Month

Extra Money Ideas

Hey Love!


If you want to make extra money online but thought it was hard; check out this list of ideas below.


Yes there are some ways that are commonly mentioned that have such little reward for a whole lotta work. I won't mention those.


Ways to make extra loot usually comes down to side hustles and cash back offers from shopping which are both two of my favorite ways.


I also included some out of the box options below that you may not have heard of.


Below are my picks for the best ways to make some extra money online. You can make as much or as little as you want with most of these options.

P2P Lending

At first, I wasn't too sure about this option, but it yields a great return if you are able to loan money through a Peer 2 Peer Network.


Essentially you sign up as an investor and lend funds to those looking for a loan.


The interest on the loans is on the higher side yielding a greater return. You can usually choose from low risk (lower return ) and high risk (higher return) options.


Two of the top P2P lending companies are Prosper and Lending Club.



Hands down my favorite way to make money easily. Although I have yet to hit the $100 mark per month, I get a pretty decent amount of cash back.


When you shop online through EBATES website, toolbar extension, or app you earn a % of Cash Back or sometimes even a set dollar amount.


It can add up quickly because sometimes they offer upwards of %30 cash back on some retailers.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Teach English To Children Overseas


This is an extremely viable option and I know many people who earn anywhere from an extra $200 - $2000 per month.


You can teach English to children from China from the comfort of your own home.


The lessons are pre-planned so no work on your part and you can qualify for monthly bonuses.


You may need to get up early to teach for example many classes run 5am-7am, but that might be perfect if you already have another job.


Check out VIPKID to apply.


Cash Back Shopping Apps


This category used to be in the too annoying for me to deal with, but now I found them to be lucrative.


Just like with EBATES, you can get cash back from shopping online using an App.


My other favorites are Ibotta & DOSH.



With Ibotta you just need to scan receipts to rack up pretty decent cash back.


Sign Up Here: IBOTTA and receive a $10 welcome bonus!



DOSH regularly has a referral opportunity where you can sometimes earn $25 for referring someone else which is AWESOME!


I love DOSH because I get cash back from dining out sometimes upwards of 7%. I usually forget and weeks later see that I have earned free money!

Survey Sites

Ok I know survey sites can be on the annoying side, but I included them because they work.


You can easily earn some extra cash from your bed or couch if you are in lounge mode.


It takes a little bit of patience to fill them out (most take around 10-15 mins), but it really is easy money.


The most profitable Survey Sites are Swagbucks and MyPoints.


I had to include this in the list because it is a great income generator! I would add this to the side hustle list because it does require some work.


The amount of work you put into it is up to you. You can choose to blog once a month, once a week, or make it your full-time profession.


Bloggers can earn anywhere from $50 to well over 6 figures each month.


Popular ways to monetize a blog are:


Ad Income

Affiliate Income

Selling Your Own Courses or Products



Check out my blog post: How to Start A Blog On WordPress

Affiliate Marketing


I wanted to break out affiliate marketing into its own separate category because it can be such a lucrative way to make money with or without a blog.


By using a blog you write blog posts that feature products you love and earn money while promoting.


You can also promote services you love to your friends and family.


Almost all retailers and online services offer a refer-a-friend program. You can sign up usually from the bottom of their website and get a link that you can provide to your contacts.


Dosh, Ibotta, Ebates are just some of the retailers that offer this.


Check the services you use to see if they have a refer-a-friend option!


If you want to get serious about affiliate marketing check out this course that has really helped me with the affiliate marketing strategy:

Making Sense of Affiliate Marking


Find the Course Here: http://www.sarakdaigle.com/makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing


The creator of the course Michelle Schroeder makes over $150K/month!



Below are some of my favorite ways to make extra income. You can build these up and make as much as you want.


Buy Crystals wholesale and sell on Etsy or another platform.


Many friends of mine have created their very own online shop for crystals. It is a great side hustle to help generate additional income while doing something they love.


Create an online course and sell on your website or Skillshare


Creating online courses if you have a talent or skill is an easy way to recreate monthly recurring revenue.


For instance, I create and sell online courses when it comes to setting goals, manifesting money, and even creating an online store (coming soon) to sell digital and tangible products.


Make a thing and sell it!!


Seriously setting up your own online shop is easy these days.


I make handmade soap and around the holidays or generally whenever I feel like it I make soap and sell to family & friends.


I don't even have a website for it right now (although I will build one on WordPress in time for Christmas).


Currently, I post from my facebook biz page and allow family and friends to pay via PayPal. It is usually an easy $250 -$500.


Create an online Print on Demand Shop


You can easily sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, and prints online without much design experience.


If you already have a brand or website try adding some branded mugs to your site.


I use Printful for my husband's side hustle biz https://www.thesteakdad.com.


I do have the advantage that he is an artist, but I have started to create my own designs and will have my own shop running on this website very soon!


The beauty about print on demand is that it is super simple to get started and you don't have any upfront costs!


You do not have to hold any inventory as the products are printed and shipped each time an order is placed.

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side hustle ideas
How to Make Extra Money
Make Money From Home

Create A Digital Vision Board For Your Phone or Computer

How to create a vision board

Making a Digital Vision Board Is Extremely Powerful.


They are a great way to keep your goals in your face each day.


Even better are digital vision boards that you can save as wallpapers, screensavers, and your phone.


I'll share with you a video tutorial of how I currently create vision board wallpaper for my cell phone which had previously been such a pain.


You can also read below for a step by step tutorial as well.




Thoughts are things.


Our subconscious mind likes to see imagery to cement your goals firmly in your mind and move you towards them.


If you see your goals on a constant basis it will continue to provide clarity for what you are manifesting.


Visualization is one of the strongest ways to manifest your desires.


With a vision board, you have a tool in front of you to help you visualize more powerfully.


A digital vision board is easy and more accessible especially if it is your computer and cell phone background.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Step 1



Write down in a journal, notebook, or in a google doc that you want to achieve or manifest.


You can choose goals for the immediate future, 6 months, 1 year, or 5-10 years.


It's up to how you want to configure your vision board and how many vision boards you want to have.


I have one board with a mix of goals ranging from the immediate future up to 3 years.


Every couple of months I update the board.

Step 2 



You can save any image from the internet (as long as it is for personal use).


There are many different ways to find pictures for your vision board.


You google your goal and save a related image.


My favorite is to search Pinterest and save your image.


You can simply start a Pinterest Vision Board - make it secret if you want to keep it personal to you.


Create a board and save pins and images to that board and look at it frequently.


I have a Pinterest Board filled with pins and from there I take pictures and download them to put them on a digital vision board from computer and cell phone backgrounds.


For one Vision Board, you will probably want to have 6-12 images.

Step 3




Choose Desktop Wallpaper or custom dimensions of 1920 x 1080.

Canva Desktop Wallpaper

Upload your pictures from your computer. You can simply drag and drop into the upload area of Canva.


You can choose elements > grids to find a template that works for you and fits the picture dimensions that you like.

Grid in Canva

You can drag your pictures and resize to your liking without the pre-made template.


Download the completed VisionBoard wallpaper and set as your computer background.

Self Hypnosis Training for Free

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Step 4




Your cell phone will likely display your vision board wonky since it is a large horizontal image.


You can create another vision board with proper cell phone dimensions so it fits beautifully on your screen.


I create two separate vision boards for my locked screen and home screen on my iPhone. This holds my 10 pictures.


Create a Canva custom dimension design at 1080 x 1920 (the exact opposite of what we just did).


This creates a nice vertical image. You can google the screen dimensions of your cell phone to make sure your Canva size fits.


Here I use a blank canvas although if you can use the grids but I find them to cut off my pictures especially on my cell phone.


Resize to meet your desired arrangement. I choose a black background so that I can picture of different sizes and the space behind the pics show up it is black.


Download the Canva app on your phone.


Click on the file you want to save to your phone photos.

How To Make A Vision Board For Your Phone


Hit the arrow Icon on the top right corner to save to your phone.

save vision board in canva

Save the image to your phone and set as your background.


If you chose to make two different vision board photo collages you can set one as your locked screen and one for your home screen.




There you have it! I hope you enjoy getting creative and making your vision board for your computer wallpaper and cell phone background.


It is so easy and such an impactful way to help you manifest your goals.

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How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Vision Board Ideas
DIY Vision Board
How to create a vision board

9 Insane Blog Income Reports: Blogs that make $500 – $100K per month

Bloggers Making Money Online
How do bloggers make money online

** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

I wanted to share some blog income reports with you to show you the power and money that can be made from blogging.


I never get tired of reading blog income reports.


They are a great source of inspiration and data for me as grow my blog each and every month.




Blog income reports are extremely powerful to read in that they show how bloggers make money.


They usually provide a pretty decent breakdown of what programs, and products they were able to earn money from.


Bloggers love to put out log income reports because they draw attention.


They are also a great way to earn affiliate income from services they recommend throughout the post.

**PS If you are interested in Starting a Blog please check out this blog post:

How To Start A Blog Now For Powerful Boss Babes


Below is a great list of bloggers who put their income and expenses out there for all to see.


I decided to showcase blogs that make anywhere from $1,000 per month all the way to $100,000.


By seeing this range of bloggers I hope you see those who are making a bit of money as a side hustle.


I also want to you to see those who are making a flow blown and huge income to show the possibilities.


Making money online is has limitless options and these bloggers show that.

$100-$10K Per Month

Kendra Blogs :

How I Made $513.60 with a New Blog and A Small Audience


At the time of this income report, Kendra's blog is only 3 months old and already generating income!


She shows how quickly you can make money blogging. She shares the blog posts she posted in the past two months and what has earned her money.

Maya Maceka:

How I Made $779 In My Third Month Blogging


This blogger has started off her blogging game with income from ads and web hosting.


She shows how you can start to make money blogging as and affiliate and digital nomad.

Taylor Stanford: 

How I Made $2,052.32 In June 2018 Blogging (June 2018 Income Report)


Taylor is really ramping up her blogging and earning money without a ton of page views.


She was able to earn over $2k With less than 10K page views. In blogging, we put such a HUGE focus on page views.


It is so nice to see a blogger making money with this many page views. Definitely inspiring for me!


$10K-$50K Per Month

Root And Revel: 



Kate is a wellness blogger that I recently started following. She is doing an incredible job utilizing Pinterest to grow her audience.


She makes a great income from affiliate marketing. Definitely check her out if you are in the health and wellness niche!

Fit Mom Journey:

June 2018 Blog Traffic & Income Report - $13,181


Gretchen is a health blogger who makes quite a bit from affiliate marketing.


She as great web traffic with most of it coming from Pinterest.


Another great example of someone driving Pinterest traffic and making money from affiliates.

Just A Girl and Her Blog:

December 2016 Traffic and Income Report - $41,700


Although Just a Girl and Her Blog stopped posting income reports at the end of 2016 they are still an incredible resource.


Abby has been a strong blogger sharing her income with us since 2014. I still like to look over her old income reports to see how she started as a hobby blogger.


Her newer blog posts still provide lots of insight on starting and running a blog.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Over $50K Per Month

Billionaire Blog Club:

How I Made $76,139.09 This Month Blogging From Home


I love Scrivs (Paul Scrivens). I took his Billionaire Blog Club course and it was the best course I have taken to help out my business.


** The course is actually in its last run at $397 and will be revamped for August at $1500.00. 


If you enroll now you will be grandfathered into his new blogging course while paying the cheaper rate.


If you'd like to sign up here is my affiliate link: www.sarakdaigle.com/bbc


That's saying a lot because I've taken A LOT of courses. Paul runs I believe over 10 blogs and is able to make money from most of them.


I highly suggest taking his Free 12 Day Blog Bootcamp for an awesome jampacked way to learn how to start blogging.



Making Sense of Cents: 

Michelle Schroeder is another, big time blogger, earning mad money.


Michelle put out the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course (which I have taken and loved!).


She shows how she earns money from a wide variety of sources including her killer course on how to start affiliate marketing.

Smart Passive Income: 

My December 2017 Monthly Income Report - $167,553.31


Pat Flynn is my favorite resource for blogging and business.


An all around cool dude, he has been publishing income reports since 2008 and sharing his knowledge with his audience ever since.


Check out his Smart Passive Income YouTube Channel if you want more of Pat!


Just a few of the blogs I follow and how much they are able to make from their blog.

Super eye-opening and helpful to you especially if you are thinking of blogging.




My Blog Post - How To Start A Blog Now For Powerful Boss Babes


Paul Scrivens Free Blogging Course - 12 Day Free Blogging  Bootcamp


Michelle Schroeder's Affiliate Course - Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

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Use Ebates Now for Instant Money and Cash Back

Rediscovering EBATES and More Ways To Get Instant Money

5 Books To Help You Manifest with the Moon Cycles

Top 5 Moon Power Books To Help You Manifest Your Desires

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How much do bloggers make?
Blog Income Reports
How do bloggers make money online

How To Start A Blog Now For Powerful Boss Babes

Start A Blog on Wordpress

** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

Hey Love!


Have you been considering starting a blog to help with your business? As an online marketer and clarity coach, I had been on the fence about if I should start a blog.


I am so happy that I started my blog. It has helped me get hundreds of opt-ins to my email list, earn affiliate income, and collaborate with other boss babes.


Starting a blog is actually easy. I’m not saying that maintaining and optimizing a blog is easy, but it is rewarding.

Web Hosting

How you choose to use your blog is up to you.


You can have it a supplemental way to drive traffic to your website, another income stream through affiliates posts and ad traffic.


It can also just be a fun place for you to discuss your tops and promote your brand.


My blog is the center focus of my business so I put lots of work into it. The only thing I can say is an I WISH I STARTED SOONER!


I can only imagine if I would have started 10 even 5 years ago.


Most bloggers are making 5 and 6 figure incomes when they put their focus on monetizing their blog.


Getting starting is the easy part, what you choose to do after is up to you. 


This Post Covers How To Set Up Your Blog on WordPress


You can use this tutorial even if you are setting up your website without blog functionality to start with.


Even if you just want a simple page explaining about your services.


In This Tutorial I Cover:


  • Blog Idea List
  • Blogging Platforms
  • Blog & Domain Name
  • Hosting Set Up
  • Website Theme and Builder Options
  • How To Make $$$ With Your Blog

Blog Idea List


You can start a blog about anything on the planet! Your blog can be a money generator or be a passion project.


It can also be a strategic tool to use in your business.


Blogging is powerful because you can put out content that will last forever.


If you are just using social media that content can disappear quickly.


If you start off with a blog post; you can then break it down and use it to help with all other content including Instagram captions, Facebook posts, and emails to your mailing list.


Speaking of mailing lists, you can use your blog to provide value and freebies to get people on your mailing list.


This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list.


Any business can have a blog which is basically just information on their industry and services.


Some of the top blog ideas are:


  • Home Decor
  • Health/Fitness
  • Recipes/Diet
  • Couponing/Saving Money
  • Making Money
  • Travel & Vacation
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty/Makeup/Fashion
  • Wedding & Event Planning
  • Shopping
  • Life and Business Coaching: oh hai this is me!

There is so much opportunity in this niche for blogging. More on this in the money making section.


As you can see it really is a tool that can be used with any niche.


The best part is is that you can get started today, even right now and be up and rolling in as little as a half hour.


You can blog as little or as much as you want.


If you are looking to monetize your blog then yes you will have to blog consistently each month, but it is FUN WORK!



There are a few options to choose from when it comes to blogging and website set up in general



WORDPRESS.ORG (different than wordpress.com). This is what I use.





You have limitless options with wordpress.org and can tailor it to meet any of your needs including an online store, landing pages, and so much more.  


Thousands of plugins mean you can add literally any customization to your website.


It is FREE.

To set up wordpress.org you are not required to pay any monthly fees. You can buy additional add-ons, but if the service is free.  


It is EASY.

The reason why some of the other options such as Squarespace and WIX are so popular is because they offer drag and drop editors.


You too can use drag and drop builders to make it just as easy. I use Beaver Builder (more on that below).



WordPress.org powers over 25% of the world’s websites and almost every system out there are seamlessly compatible with it.


In the many forums I am in, I have seen countless bloggers run into issues with the other blog services.


They have trouble when it comes to customization, SEO, and getting their website to work with Pinterest and other functionality.


WordPress.COM is different than WordPress.ORG.


WordPress.COM It is a limited platform that requires you to upgrade to their paid service based on how much data you use.


They also place ads on your site that you can’t monetize. You also can not use your plugins of choice.


Make sure you choose WordPress.ORG!

Blog and Domain Name


This is the fun part. Brainstorming the name of your blog. 


I own quite a few domains including my name actual name www.sarakdaigle.com.


I choose my name for my business as I am branding my business as myself.


I may choose to use another domain for my blog that is a bit more creative, but for now, I am happy.


Whatever you choose make sure it is EASY.


Be creative but nothing hard to spell or with difficult words.


People need to be able to type in their browser quickly or be a name that they can recognize.


I buy my domains at Siteground because this is where I host all of my websites. (More on Hosting Below).


The cost for the year is about $15 which is pretty cheap!


You can go to www.namecheap.com as an alternative option.


Their domains are about $10.


The only issue is you will have to transfer your domain name to your hosting company which I have done.


I will buy a domain through Namecheap if I am just buying the domain to hold it like I did with my daughter's name.


Ummm she will definitely thank me for securing her name as her domain name in 15 years!

siteground webhosting

Web Hosting


You want a fast and reliable hosting service with great customer service. I have hosted all of my websites and blogs on Siteground.


They have been so great and offer free SSL certifications, hosting packages for one website or unlimited (what I have).


They also have great customer service.


Luckily I haven’t needed to contact them very often, but when I do I do via chat and get all my questions answered super easy.


Many bloggers recommend BlueHost. After doing research I read the Bluehost has issues with connectivity, speed, and site crashes so I opted for Siteground and have never had an issue.


With blogs, you are going to use A LOT of images.


Sitespeed was a major concern for me when I started my blog.


After doing some research I found Siteground to be the fastest.


You can check out one of the reviews I read here: 




  • Speed
  • Customer Service
  • Easy and Helpful Resources
  • Highly Recommended


Full instructions on the domain name and set up via Siteground below.

Setting Up Your Hosting Through Siteground


You can visit www.siteground.com to get started.



site ground pricing

This is what I started with a few years when I only had one domain name. As you can see it is super cheap!


If you think there is a potential for an additional website you can get the Grow Big account.


This is what I am currently on & will be upgrading soon to the GoGeek plan as my traffic grows.


You can upgrade at any time if you think you will need a bigger package so feel free to choose The StartUp for now if you think that is all you will need.


Choose Domain

Make your domain is available and then click proceed.

Install WordPress


Siteground will direct you to a setup wizard that directs you through each step in installing wordpress for your website.


Siteground also has a ton of tutorial You can find that here if you get stuck or want a complete walk through : https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/getting-started/start-new-website/


The hands down easiest thing you can do is start a Siteground Chat and have the rep install WordPress for you.


Once they do this they will provide you with your WordPress Username and Password. IT IS SO EASY.


I highly recommend reviewing the tutorial as well as it shows you how to set up your email and SSL certificate so when people pull up your website it shows as secure.


There are also a ton of YouTube videos that through the install process as well so you can check them too.


Even though I have set up a few sites now with Siteground, my first time around I still think I only spent about 20 minutes on the hosting set up process

You will then proceed to the check out page.


You will have additional options at the bottom for Domain Privacy & SG Site Scanner.


You can add these at anytime. When I start a new blog I do not include either until my blog is published.


This just saves a bit of money when you just starting.


Your total cost is typically going to be $47.40 ($3.95/month x 12) for your hosting.


Plus the $15.95 for the domain purchase. NOT BAD HUH?

Website Theme and Builder Options


Themes are so fun to choose and provide you with the capability to design your blog. You can use a free WordPress theme or you can purchase some pretty cheap.


You can find themes on:


Powered by Creative Market


I personally love the drag and drop themes and builders that require no code.


They work the same as building a website with WIX or Squarespace but with way more options.


I use Beaver Builder and I am obsessed.


They have pre-made templates for landing pages, contact pages, and blog options if you are getting started.


You can also customize your website to however, you want it without being locked into a certain style which can be the case with many other themes.




A Theme is basically the overall layout and style of your blog.


A Page Builder is a plugin that allows you to use drag and drop functionality.

Get Beaver Builder Now!

Beaver Builder is mainly a drag and drop page builder plugin.


You can find their services here: http://www.sarakdaigle.com/beaverbuilder


You can purchase the builder alone which is $99 and use a free theme such as Astra!


Or the Genesis them which is $59.95.




I choose Beaver Builder paid solutions due to ease and flexibility.


You can change your theme at any time. Beaver Builder also has a corresponding theme that you can use with their page builder.


I choose to use Beaver Builder Drag and Drop Builder Plugin and their Beaver Builder Theme  (PRO middle option below).


I do this because the two play extremely well together and I can build unlimited websites and blogs with the purchase.


The plugin & theme together are so easy to use!



Other choices that I was debating about was Genesis theme or Divi. Divi has a ton of popularity.


However, after research, I found they use shortcode which essentially means you can not switch to another theme or move your website.


Even if I don’t end up changing my site I still don’t want to be locked to a certain theme.


Due to this I chose Beaver Builder and couldn’t be happier.


I also thought about the future of my websites and blog.


I knew there would be the potential for an online store and other websites.


I chose Beaver Builder because its easy and you can literally set up a page in minutes if you use a template.


I also love the freedom to design your site and each page with full customization.


I’m always thinking for what I’ll need down the road and Beaver Builder will support my web design as I continue to get more and more advanced.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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There are many ways to monetize your blog.


Below is a great list to start off with and should help you come up with the ways you want to make money with your blog.


AD INCOME - you can make money based on the number of visitors to your website.


Many websites make money from ads alone. Most bloggers I see make about 3-15K per month from ad income.


You can start off with media.net or google adsense.



You can write articles that promote products that you love by using affiliate links and banners in your blog posts.


Some Bloggers make up to 7 figures just by affiliate income alone.


Some of the best affiliate systems to get set up with is:


Amazon Affiliateseasiest and most convenient place to find products. Every product under the sun is available


ShopStyle Collectiveamazing for fashion, beauty, home decor, and lifestyle bloggers. You can promote Nordstrom, Etsy, Sephora, and much more.


Affiliate Income from other courses or services you have used.


Many coaches and service offer their own affiliate programs.


Check to see what programs you have loved and if they offer an affiliate program.


If you are interested in making money from affiliate marketing I highly suggest you check out Michelle Schroeders Course  - Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing


You can find her course here:



Michelle makes over $150,00 PER MONTH!


Holy Crap!


I took her course and it was extremely eye opening and one of the best courses I’ve taken it to help me make money from my blog.


Your Own Courses & Products: You can easily use your blog to write about your own products and services.


You can also direct potential buyers to your landing pages to complete a sale or better yet to an opt-in to capture their email.


Once you have their email you can market to them and provide other value-driven services.


This is gold when it comes to having an online coaching or marketing business.


Sponsorships: You can provide your blog to various companies that offer a product or service your adore.


They pay you to write a blog post and/or a series of blog posts, and even for social media posts. Again this can be a HUGE money generator.


There are a million other ways to make money, but this is a great way to start off with.


Brainstorm maybe one or two objectives that you would like to accomplish with your blog when it comes to money-making.


***If you are serious about monetizing your blog I highly suggest Paul Scrivens course - Billionaire Blog Club.


Paul runs like over 10 blogs and makes over 75K per month.


It is an A-Z Course on how to create a blog and make money quickly.


He includes in-depth tutorials when it comes to starting a blog, using Pinterest to generate traffic, SEO, and also Affiliate Marketing.


This is the #1 course I have ever taken (in all of the courses I have taken for my biz) and has really put things into alignment for me when it comes to creating my blog.


This is the last time the course is offered at $347.


After this last go around he will be launching an even more in-depth course.


I believe is estimated to be at a $1500.00 price point. (i'm ecstatic for this new course!!!)


Definitely check out his free 12-day blogging boot camp if you are interested in beginning blogging for money at http://www.sarakdaigle.com/freeblogbootcamp


There you have it!


I hope you enjoyed learning about blogging and get set up quickly!


Blogging can be extremely rewarding financially and personally. What you put it into it is what you will get out of it!



SITEGROUND: http://www.sarakdaigle.com/siteground


BEAVER BUILDER: https://www.sarakdaigle.com/beaverbuilder


MAKING SENSE OF AFFILIATE MARKETING: http://www.sarakdaigle.com/makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing

BILLIONAIRE BLOG CLUB - Free 12 Day Boot Camp :  http://www.sarakdaigle.com/freeblogbootcamp

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Step Into Your Power and Get What You Want with the Moon Cycles

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Make Money Blogging
Make Money With A Blog
Make Passive Income with Blogging

How To Set Monthly Goals

When you set monthly goals do you tend to fall behind or drop them completely?


The beginning of each new month is a great time to plan and set goals that you can achieve by using a strategic system.


I am a staunch believer in strategy and productivity, BUT I also practice the Law of Attraction and use Nature's Cycles to help me optimize my energy.


By tracking my energy levels with my menstrual & moon cycle I get more done with way more ease.


Check out this post to learn how to schedule your tasks by getting into FLOW.

The Problem with Goal Setting


You may start out every January with a huge list of all the things you want to accomplish in the year, but after a couple of weeks, those goals seem to fade.


The same thing occurs if you try to plan each month without a strategy.


You become unmotivated and experience burnout. It doesn't take much to feel like your goal is out of reach.


In this post, you will learn how to break down your monthly goals and set your tasks by evaluating your cycles.


These are nature's cycles including your menstrual cycle, the season, and also the moon cycle for an added bonus.


We will learn a strategic approach to getting goals accomplished with an added dash of manifesting magic.

Why Set Monthly Goals Using Nature's Cycles?


Each month is a new beginning and as goal setters, we love a fresh start.


Each Month provides us with the energy cycles we need to get everything done that is necessary to accomplish our goals.


This includes brainstorming, creating, executing, and completing. 


You can also keep up with your annual goals by chunking them down into bite-size pieces.


Each month you more apt to stick to your yearly resolutions if you set a milestone each month that you can keep up with. 


When keeping track of your energy levels throughout the month you learn when to push and when to hold back.


No more constant hustle. You can give your body & mind a rest while getting more done with no burnout.

In This Post, You Will Learn


  • how to schedule your tasks by getting into FLOW


  • set monthly goals that are attainable each new month


  • learn the messy action steps you need to take to manifest your dreams.


  • track your energy and learn to use your menstrual and/or the Moon cycle.


  • optimize your energy v. time to get more done
How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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What Will You Need


  • A journal to track your energy.


  • Monthly Calendar for reference and/or to write on.



These are the main things you will need.


The below are helpful, but as long as you have a pen, paper, & a calendar you are ready to go!


Additional Tools :


  • Color Pens or Markers (optional)


  • A monthly planner or a print out of the current month's calendar.

I love my Danielle LaPorte Monthly Planner.  It is currently sold out, but I 'll advise when she has some in stock for next year :).


  • An App that tracks your menstrual cycle.

MyFlo Apphttps://myflotracker.com/


  • Moon Cycle Dates that include the date for the 4 major moon cycles.

(if you want to learn to use the moon to help guide you)

This is my favorite planner to grab moon cycle dates from :

Let's Getting Started


What Do You Want to Get Done This Month?


Grab some paper and write your list of top 10 goals for the month.


I personally like to mind map.


I make sure I have a goal for at least one of the 6 areas of life:


  • Spirituality
  • Personal Development
  • Health/Fitness
  • Relationships/Family
  • Career
  • Biz/Finances


My Top 10 This Month Looks Like This

  • 25K Monthly Page Views
  • 10K Net Profit
  • Finish & Publish E-Course
  • Read 1 Book per Week
  • Create 10 New Original Pins to Pinterest per week.
  • Run/Walk 3x/ Week
  • Free Weights 2x/week
  • Take Ketones every day
  • meditate & practice self-reiki each day
  • date night - every other week

I break down any individual tasks that are needed for each goal.



25K Pages Views

  • write 5 blogs posts
  • pin 4 Pins for each blog post to Pinterest


10K Monthly Net Profit

  • Sell course
  • create email sequence for course
  • create a landing page for the course.


Now that you know what tasks you want to get done, its time to put them on your calendar during the most optimal time.

Track The Cycle of the Season


What Time of Year Is It?


This can dictate your overall intentions and feelings for the month.


Winter can be more introspective and you may be planning more.


Summer can be more outgoing and energetic.


seasons of nature

Track Your Menstrual Cycle

(if you do not cycle I highly suggest tracking the Moon's Cycles - instructions below)


Write Down The Dates of Your Cycle:


This is where I plan using the My Flo App and my monthly calendar:


I mark each day and what cycle I am in. Here is my super messy July Calendar.

Cycle Scheduler

I'll try to make it prettier for August :).


You can also mark the 4 Major Moon Cycles on your calendar as well.

Schedule your Tasks In Accordance with Your Menstrual Cycle


Each Cycle of The Seasons, Menstrual, and The Moon all carry a certain energy.


By optimizing these cycles you can plan what tasks to complete during the applicable cycle.


First Take Note of the Season. If it is Winter you know not to push yourself too hard during slow months.


The season can set the overall tone of your upcoming projects.


Winter/Menstrual/New Moon

Rest and Reflect: Set Intentions, Journal, and Brainstorm. Plant Seeds for future action periods.


Spring/Follicular/1st Quarter Moon

Make Plans and Start Creating: This is the time to start taking action. Have a streamlined plan of tasks you want to accomplish.


Summer/Ovulation/Full Moon

Peak Energy & Time to Be Seen:  Get yourself out there. This is the time to visible whether it is launching your product, being on podcasts, or speaking at live events.


Fall/Luteal/3rd Quarter Moon

Completion & Evaluation: Time to wrap up and tie up loose ends.  Check off items on your project list bringing it to a close. Evaluate what worked & what may need improvement.

List Your Tasks Under the Best Time of The Month to complete them.


Are you launching an e-course this month?


Take your tasks and schedule them throughout their month based on the energy level they will need.


Menstrual:  Go inward & journal ideas. Plan & Brainstorm


Follicular: Creating Opt-In Page, Email Sequences, & related marketing Content.


Ovulation: Launch! Put out your launch email sequence, do FB lives, and be a guest speaker to talk about your service.


Luteal: Wrap Up. Close your shopping cart. Make sure logins and systems are all working correctly. Handle customer service inquiries. Track your profits.



You have your goals & tasks scheduled to match your energy cycles! Hooray!


If you have a journal or even on your monthly planner it can be beneficial to write how you feel each day.


Your energy level 1-5


What tasks where you were motivated to complete & what you were not?


By tracking these simple questions for a couple of months you can get a better gauge of your energy levels.

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How to Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Plan Your Month
How to Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Plan Your Month (2)
How to Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Plan Your Month (4)

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3 Mindset Shifts to Become Wealthy

Become More Wealthy with these Mindset Shifts

When working with clients to become wealthy; I’ve seen a lot of interesting patterns and limiting beliefs.


The people that I've worked with share many of the same common limiting beliefs.


Shifting these belief systems will go a long way to receiving the abundance of time, success, and money we all desire.


It’s amazing how quickly life changes once we are no longer limiting ourselves with these beliefs and we can become wealthy.

3 Limiting Beliefs that Block Becoming Wealthy

1. I am not worthy/ not deserving


This one, or some form of it, is the most common I’ve seen. I’ve even had to shift them in me.

It seems most of us pick up this limiting belief as we’re growing up.


We don’t do stuff right and get reprimanded, we don’t listen to adults around us, we continually ask for things that we don’t get, etc…


When we have a belief like “I’m not worthy”, this really limits us to what things we want, and we don’t let them into our lives.


We have trouble dreaming big, and also believing we can ever achieve that dream.


We will start sabotaging things, unconsciously, when they start to get beyond our limit of what we think we can have.


Especially with the deserving variant. When we believe we don’t deserve things, we don’t let ourselves shift into the receiving mode, and we are uncomfortable receiving.


An easy indicator of this is how people take compliments.


When someone tells you something great, or thanks you for something you did, can you receive it?


Or do you shrug it off with an “it’s nothing” etc.


Watch for this, and just start saying “thank you” and see how that feels to receive the nice words people are giving you.


Another good way to tell if you’ve got these limiting beliefs is to say the opposite out loud while looking into your own eyes in a mirror.


If it’s really hard to say, and you really don’t want to, chances are you have these limiting beliefs.


Good news, a belief is just a thought we keep thinking, and it’s only a thought and a thought can be changed.


It’s not hard to change limiting beliefs, it just takes some persistence.

2. I am not enough/not good enough


This belief is similar in feel to “I am not worthy/ deserving,” but there’s a subtle difference.


When we believe we are not enough or not good enough, we either don’t see opportunities to get what we want, or we don’t take them.


Either way, we are not living what we want, which sucks.


This limiting belief is often hiding under an “I’m not deserving” type of belief, which can make it trickier to spot until we shift the deserving belief.


I’ve also noticed that people who have this limiting belief will often make just enough money.


They get their bills paid, but not enough to get ahead like they want.

3. I’m probably going to fail at this.


Thinking only a rare few people actually get their dreams and become wealthy is a big one.


The words might be a little different, but the basic belief is that only a select few can ever get their dreams, and I’m probably not one of them.


This one is insidious, and it is often reinforced by our pop culture. Hundreds of thousands of people want to be rich and famous, only a select few get it.


Look at popular movies that tell us that we ‘need to be special’ or extraordinary in some way to be the hero that saves the day.


Very entertaining, but also can reinforce the belief that ‘only a select few’ get it.


Combine this with an undeserving or unworthy belief and we will sabotage ourselves out of all kinds of success.


This belief needs to be replaced with one that says our success is inevitable. I really like “my success is inevitable and I’m on the right path”.


We know that the path is often winding and unexpected in places.


This belief statement doesn’t really combat head-on with the limiting beliefs, which makes it rather easy to say and believe.

What Mindset Really Is


I’ve got great news. Mindset is just our beliefs.


A belief is just a thought we keep thinking.


A thought can be changed.


It isn’t hard to change a belief, but it does take time and persistence.


To change a limiting belief, we need repetition to get through our conscious mind and into the unconscious mind.


It’s helpful if you have someone clear out the energy patterns first and then do the new belief statements.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Changing Limiting Beliefs


Pick your new belief statement. It needs to be positively worded (no don’ts or nots etc).


If you think you have all these limiting beliefs I’ve talked about here,


I would say this statement out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror 5-10 times every morning and night for at least 30 days.


After 30 days re-evaluate your life and possibly do another 30 days.


I am completely worthy and deserving. My success is inevitable and I’m on the right path.


It’s important to say it out loud, and if you can, look into your own eyes.


And if you want it to work extra well, have a positive emotion while saying it. This is easiest done by turning the statement into a little melody or dance.


This really works. I’ve changed my life and the lives of my clients by doing this work.


It’s easy, yet tedious, and we all hit a point where we don’t want to do it.


Keep going, past that point is real change if want to become wealthy!

Amandalee Hyatt

Amandalee is an energy mindset coach who uses her energy seeing and intuitive abilities to pinpoint exactly what limiting beliefs and energy patterns are in her clients way.


Together they shift these and create energy imprints and pathways for the clients to step into, allowing the client to create their dream life and to receive the large amounts of money they desire.




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Become More Wealthy with Mindset
Become More Wealthy
Wealthy Mindset

Rediscovering EBATES and More Ways To Get Instant Money

Use Ebates Now for Instant Money and Cash Back

** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

I decided to give EBATES a try again after not using it at all in years and was able to get instant money back from them!


I realized that I had like $20 owed to me. I followed up with the company who re-mailed a check to me after I had an address change. YAY FOR INSTANT CASHBACK I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

What Is Ebates?


Ebates is a cashback rewards system that pays you for simply shopping through their portal online or via their app.


They have almost every online retailer imaginable on their site including Amazon, Target, Zulily, & Much More. 


Ebates gets paid by retailers when shoppers use their portal to make purchases. Ebates then, in turn, shares a piece of the commission they earned back to you.


The thing with Ebates is they offer a large amount of cash back which bonuses running ALL THE TIME.


I have earned 10% cash back and even $5 and $10 bonuses.


Ebates is literally my favorite cash back app.


They pay out quarterly ( 4 times/year) via paper check and PayPal so it is super simple to get your money.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

YAY! Get instant money! I've earned some money back each month. I really haven't been online shopping lately so I haven't come close to the cash back that I would typically earn.


Check out my cash back history. Yes this is after not using Ebates for years!

Here is my upcoming check. Check how I earned back $5 a couple of times with out spending a lot!


Ebates pending cash back



Sign up for Ebates and get instant money. You will receive a $10 reward!!

** You will just need to spend $25 via one of your shopping trips in the next year which is easy peasy.


Please use my link: www.sarakdaigle.com/ebates to sign up boo!


Best Ways to Use Ebates

For me, the easiest way to shop via Ebates is to add the Google Chrome extension.


Whenever you are on a website it will show a big red bar telling you how much cashback can be earned and to activate.


You can also download their mobile app. Prior to shopping, you will just need to pull app the app first and then choose your store.

ebates buy now extension


You can also log onto their website to check what deals they have and what stores they are offering a huge bonus for.

How Else Can I Get Instant Money?

Cashback Apps and Programs are pretty common now so I choose the apps I use based upon ease.


Ebates couldn't be easier, but below are a few of my other favorites.



 This is another cash back rewards program for shopping. You can download their app here:  https://link.dosh.cash/pcXSN4gfKN


When you sign up and link a valid credit/debit card you get a $5 dollar cash back bonus. SWEET!


What I love about DOSH the most is that they have nearby offers which include two restaurants that I go to frequently so I earn usually about %5- %10 just for dining.


They also offer $25 bonus for your first hotel booking so totally worth it to book a hotel with them.


The ABSOLUTE BEST THING about Dosh is their referral bonus.


Every now and again they offer a larger than normal referral bonus for every person (great offer for friends and family). Sometimes it can up to $25 per person.


I try to keep an eye on Dosh so sign up below and I'll add you to my list to notify when these referral bonuses get really lucrative!



A girlfriend of mine tipped me off to ACORNS which is an investment tool. I am a total investment dummy right now (I'm working on it!).


This was an easy tool to start a small investment.


ACORNS provides you with a $5 reward for signing up and starting your first investment account which can be as little as $5.


Again the BIG thing with ACORNS is their referral program. At the time I signed up the referral offers was $1,000 for 10 people who signed up using your link!


Each month they have a referral bonus and right now it is $500 for 5 sign-ups.


If you are interested I'd love it if you signed up using my link: https://acorns.com/invite/DW3S5Y


I keep an eye each month on their referral bonuses and will send out an email when it gets good.


Sign up below to be informed babe!

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