3 Easy Ways to Communicate with Your Subconscious Mind

Control Your Subconscious Mind

If you are aware of the power of your subconscious mind then you are probably wondering how to communicate with your subconscious mind.


Now if only there were easy was we can communicate with our subconscious directly to shift belief patterns, habits, and healing?


Well... there are! 

Make changes with your subconscious mind

Ways to Communicate with Your Subconscious Mind


There are a variety of techniques you can use at home in order to communicate with your subconscious mind.


Remember all change happens at the Subconscious level.


It is crucial to your physical, emotional, and mental well being to be able to speak directly with the subconscious.


**It's also very important to be able to listen to your subconscious!


This can be done through mindfulness and meditation.

Repetition of Desired Thoughts & Goals


Repeating affirmations by writing them down each day or reciting verbally can be effective when communicating with your subconscious mind.


This can take time and you are working your way through a conscious and deliberate activity over and over again.

This will eventually imprint an idea into your subconscious. 


Example of an affirmation: "Money comes to me quickly and easily". 


Keep at it, if you find that you still are having trouble accepting a new belief as truth.


There may be a conflict with your values and how you identify yourself and the new belief.


This is why crushing limiting beliefs is crucial and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) work comes in handy. 





This can be done by going through an active session with a hypnotherapist, putting yourself in trance (more below), or listening to a recorded hypnosis session.  


With hypnotherapy, you can communicate with your subconscious mind which is the direct source of your beliefs, habits, and healing.


Being in hypnosis is the exact same state as meditation, daydreaming, and visualizing, just with an intention.


Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and beneficial and can be used for a variety of issues such as:

And just about anything else!




I poured over many of these and it appears they are recorded by people who don't fully understand how to do hypnosis or create proper hypnotic suggestions.


Many of them were created with language that will actually have you doing the exact thing you want to stop. 




More to the benefits of hypnosis...


Hypnosis allows us to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind.


This is what rejects thoughts and ideas if they are not considered feasible and also allows suggestions to reach our subconscious.


Don't worry your subconscious is highly moral and also serves to protect you from harm.


You will not be able to receive a harmful suggestion without it being rejected by your subconscious mind and bringing you back to conscious awareness. 

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Entering a Trance State


There is immense power in getting into an Alpha Brainwave state which is the same when we meditate and visualize.


This is considered a state of trance.


Your aware and have full control and will most likely hear and even have a conscious awareness of what is going on around you. 


You will just feel very very relaxed. 


Hypnosis puts you in a trance state.


Other ways to reach this brainwave state can be done through:


Guided Visualizations or Visualizing in general - operates the same as hypnosis.


You mind subconscious mind operates in pictures and movies.


By providing vivid imagery including sounds, pictures, and invoking feelings; you will allow your subconscious mind take in the ideas, manifestations, and experiences that you are providing to it.


Looking Up - by shifting your focus upwards and allow your peripheral vision to expand; you enter an alpha brainwave state. This is a great learning state and you can also daydream-visualize from here.


There you have it! I hope you enjoyed these easy to implement methods to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Sara Daigle NLP Coach NLP Practicioner

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