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So, you’re ready to connect with Archangels and dive into the magical realm of working with them?  


(Insert clapping hands here, followed with a heyyyyyy boo!)



 Working With Archangels


I am so thrilled to have you here, ready to open and expand your consciousness to gain the necessary tips on how to connect and start experiencing this wonderous energy.


But, before we can get to the juicy stuff, there are some things you need to know when it comes to working and connecting with Archangels.


Archangels can only step in to help you if you ask.


Yes, I said it! ASK! It doesn’t matter how often, or how small/big it is, all you have to do is just ask for help to connect with archangels.


They will be there lickity split to help you in any way they can.


They are also omnipresent, which means they can be with multiple people at the same time without any energy being taken away from their power.


Remember, we’re working with divine beings of light.


Their whole purpose and passion are to help humans! Isn’t that cool?


Okay, let’s roll with this now that you understand that you are magical AF and are just inches away from this beautiful connection that is about to rock your world!

Top 3 Tips to Connect With Archangels




This is the moment you make the decision to clear the clutter and release the things that no longer serve you. But, what does this mean?


This means making the clear and conscious decision that you are willing to unravel the veil that fogs your clarity.


Let’s face it, life can be a rollercoaster, and there are times that we hold onto old emotions, situations, and people because we are too busy, or don’t know how to release it.


That energy begins to create a layer of fog which clouds our connection.


Once you make that decision to heal and return back to your shining, magical, soulful self, you will see that the connection becomes much easier!


  • Journaling


No, it doesn’t always have to be this long story every single day.


Trust in your intuition and what you need for that day, and get ‘er done!


  •         Exercising (yes, believe it or not!)


But don’t worry! It’s not a “hey I can’t make it in today because I’m walking like a baby giraffe from all the squats I did” unless that’s your thing.


It can be a quick jog, a long walk, or one of the latest Beachbody videos.


Whatever your preference is, do it! This helps to get energy moving and grooving.


Oh, did I mention you could even have your very own dance party? Now that’s more like it!


  •         Eat them veggies!


Stay away from stimulants, alcohol, and/or processed foods.


These food and drinks tend to lower your vibrational energy causing you to feel lower and not so connected.


I like to tell my clients, everything in reasonable amounts.


But if you catch yourself grubbing in on processed foods every day, you may want to take a different route!


Not only is this great for connecting with the Archangels, but also great for your health!



Intuition is an obvious part of this process, but many people don’t know exactly how to go about building a solid relationship, none the less take action upon its guidance.


You know that little voice in your head that says, “you should really get home right now because you work at 7 am”, even though you want to stay out and hit that 1 am taco truck?


Yeah… that’s your intuition and it’s there to keep you on track!


So, why intuition for asking Archangels to guide you?


Easy! When Archangels manifest or bring you guidance, they do so in various ways.


Sometimes it is through angel numbers, feathers, and even songs.


Other times it is a gust of wind that feels much more than a gust of wind, or a coin that suddenly appears.


You have to be in a place where you won’t question what it is that you’re experiencing, and lean into your intuition that says, “YES!! And Archangel sent me this message!”


So, how do you do this?


  •         Practice Mindfulness


A couple times a day, practice asking your mind these questions, “what do I see”, “what do I hear”, “what can I feel”, and “what do I smell”.


These help to expand your connection, bringing mindful energy to your being on all levels of the ethereal body: mental, physical, emotional, and energetic.


  •         Bring Awareness


Much like mindfulness, this technique helps you to be more aware of your thought patterns, physical feelings, and emotions, which allow you to understand the energy that is around you.


Trust me, when the Archangels start presenting their energy to you, you will definitely understand why this is important!

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Okay, okay, now that we’ve gotten to the nitty-gritty of the work that should be explored, we can have fun diving into the tools to help attract and invoke the Archangels.


Connect with archangels and bring them into your space so that they can share with you all the loving energy they have to offer!


  •         Angel or Oracle Cards



Archangel Deck- Doreen Virtue


You don’t need to be a guru or a professional to start pulling a card a day for yourself.


In fact, I recommend it because it also is a great tool to build your intuition!


Grab a deck that calls to you and makes you feel like it’s too pretty to put down.


Dedicate yourself to pulling one card a day, and explore the details of it.


Practice your mindful technique, and ask yourself what that card means to you! Don’t question it, just feel!


  •         Sage, Incense, and/or Essential Oil


The biggest part of why this is so beneficial is because Archangels, and angels in general, are attracted to the vibrations of flowers and herbs.


Roses, frankincense, sage, and citrus are just a few on the list.


I always recommend setting the intention to cleanse, clear, and protect the space, and I would use these in conjunction with your angel card, journaling practice, or anytime you are in a place of opening up your heart to connect!


As far as which one to use, it is really up to you. I personally like to use sage with dried rose petals to get the best of both worlds.


But, I also carry peppermint oil with me to calm my, sometimes, an overactive mind so I can stay aligned.


Remember, there is no right or wrong! Do what FEELS right for you!


So, now that you have all that you need to get started, just remember this…


This connection has everything to do with you and what you are ready to experience, and just like anything, it starts with your decision to make it happen.


Ask, and you will receive.


The best advice I can give to you is to feel everything through. It truly is magical!

But wait, who are they? Don’t worry, boo, I got you!



WHO ARE OUR ARCHANGELS GUIDE to learn what each Angel does and how they can help you!


Sending you Love and Encouragement,


Christina Valenzuela

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