Deep Emotional Release

2 Hour Deep Dive Intensive

$397 per session


This 2 hr call is used to eliminate a pressing emotional and/or subconscious problem in one session.


The problems can be old emotional wounds you can't get past. Sticky limiting beliefs that won't budge around money or self-worth, bad habits - physical or mental etc.


During these intensives, we uncover and clear your disruptive self-sabotaging problems, deep-rooted limiting beliefs and emotions that are causing immediate blockages.


We use our time to tackle your belief system, short-term goal execution, and remove obstacles surrounding your success.


These sessions can cover:


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching 2  hours of change work to dig deep into your problem and create a lasting solution through clearing & activation.


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching Using muscle test to find exact blocks and resistance and clear them energetically for quick shifts and releases.


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching Release Core Negative Emotions on a subconscious and energetic level.


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching Reprogramming subconscious mind around the meaning of traumas and negative events


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching This session will include either NLP or Hypnotherapy change work.


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching  Reprogram a deeply rooted set of limiting beliefs that you haven't been able to dislodge.


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching  Break old habits or self-sabotage behaviors and install new behaviors subconsciously.


We destroy what is holding you back and build it back up with intention and get to a success-driven frame of mind with a clear and actionable path to move forward with.


Use the contact form below to reach out to see what we can accomplish in a one-time session.


Upon payment, I will reach out regardless to review our session & schedule the time.

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** Due to the nature of  Performance/NLP coaching a doctor's referral may be needed or care may be referred to another provider based on existing conditions.

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