5 Exciting and Unusual Ways To Boost Your Intuition

Tuning into your intuition is the BEST way to get ANSWERS to all of your QUESTIONS in life.


There are many, many ways to boost intuition. Most of them, you’ve heard before - they either don’t work for you, or you’re already doing them.


But you’re still after better results, or perhaps you’re overwhelmed with all the different choices available.


So, here are five exciting and unusual methods to boost intuition that you may not have tried before!

The 5 Ways To Boost  Intuition

Develop your intuition

1. Surround yourself with rich indigos and purples


Indigo and purple are colors that are brimming with a lot of the psychic, Universal and deep energy that we need to connect with.


Science tells us that just being around certain colors really does affect our emotional state.


Blues and greens are calming, which is why they are common in hospitals.


Orange and yellow can motivate us, but it also makes us very hungry!


How many food outlets can you think of with prominent orange or yellow walls, decorations or logos?


Take control of the power of color by surrounding yourself with indigo and purple.


Choose these hues when you dress or put makeup or nail varnish on.


Create an altar space of meditation point with colored sheets, or add some purple and indigo crystals to your collection.


If you dislike indigo and purple and don’t own much of it, you can even set your desktop/phone background to these tones for free.


If you can’t fill your daily life full of purple and indigo, find a piece of paper the right color and sit and focus on it for a few minutes each day.


2.  Meditate in the Shower


One of the main reasons that we struggle to find our intuition in this modern age is that there are too many distractions!


We are glued to our devices, even if we think we aren’t.


There is so much information coming at us that we don’t take the time to mull over and think on.


Tasks or spaces with little incoming information help us think.


This is why good thoughts and ideas often come to you when you are driving, or in the shower, or washing the dishes.


They’re all repetitive tasks that don’t require much brain power, and if you do them in silence there’s very little to distract you.


You will often find your intuition speaking to you in these moments.


These are already good spots for mindfulness, where drawing your mind back to the present moment will aid you.


However, you can make some of these tasks take up even less of your brain power.


This seems silly, but trying shutting your eyes in the shower!


Of course, you can open them if you need to find the soap, but you know where your own body is.


You don’t need to look at it to wash it.  We spend so much of our waking time constantly jammed into our senses.


This overloads our brain. Removing one of your senses for short time can be beneficial in lots of ways.


3. Monitor, Don’t Censor, Your Self-Talk


We tend to have three modes when it comes to self-talk. Ignore, believe, censor.


If you’re in ignore mode, you’re going through your life never stopping to wonder what it is that you think or believe about anything.


If you’re in believe mode, you believe whatever it is that your mind chooses to spit out.


That you’re a terrible mother for forgetting your kids' homework, or that you’re ugly because you have spots and a mysterious extra ten pounds that sticks around.


If you’re in censorship mode, you slam down any negative thought because ‘positive thinking is great’.


By doing this you’re only pushing these thoughts deeper and deeper into your mind, where they will fester.


This is how you get blocks!


Try and remember that thoughts are not instructions in order to boost your intuition.


Just because you thought something uncharitable, or brought up some difficult thought about yourself doesn’t mean you have to do it or feel it.


Just accept the thoughts for what it is - a bit of mental chatter that appeared in your head.


Don’t pass judgment on thoughts.


Keeping an eye on self-talk is important - it shows you your real dreams, your fears, and what you’re hiding from yourself.


But don’t engage with it - the mind is a tricky thing and would nothing more than to distract you by making you think of pineapples whenever you try to probe too deeply.


To prove my point, let me know in the comment whether you were eating, drinking or growing that pineapple you just thought of.

how to develop intuition

4.  Record your dreams


Dreams are very important in more ways than one.


Dreams help file and filter your surface thoughts back into your unconscious, but your brain will also work through traumas and events during dreams that may have been bothering you subconsciously for years.


Carefully recording and analysis of your dreams will help you unlock negative behaviors and cycles, allowing you to really release the past once and for all.


Try keeping your notebook or phone near your bed so you can record them as soon as you wake up.

Write down as much as you remember first, then interpret it on a separate page.


Record the dream as faithfully as you can, before you lose the details by over-analyzing.


This way, you can look back in a month or a year and still know exactly what you dreamt about.


You might find you will interpret the dream differently that you first had.

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5.  Boost your meditation with crystals


Different crystals will work with your intuition in different ways.


Amethyst is a great one to use while you sleep.


It creates a comforting environment and helps you process information at night.


It’s also a really good stone for beginners.


Kyanite really loosens up your intuition and helps you hear it more clearly.


Black tourmaline keeps you grounded, which will help to balance you out.


Selenite helps dispel negativity, which makes it easier to hear your intuition over those noise of your mind.


I hope that you found these five unusual ways to boost your intuition useful. Please let me know which method you’re going to try first!

If you'd like to learn more about boosting your intuition please grab your free cheatsheet at : http://www.siobhanjohnson.com/boost-your-intuition/

Siobhan Johnson

Siobhan Johnson is a traditional witch from Greater Manchester, UK.

She's all about bringing traditional magical methods into the 21st century, without losing what made them special in the first place.

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