Step Into Your Power and Get What You Want with the Moon Cycles


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The moon is by far my favorite tool to get clarity and to manifest my desires.


Moon energy is incredible and being able to tap into this power source has the ability to amplify your own power so you get what you want in life.


The moon also matches the cycles of the seasons a women's menstrual cycle.


This is by no mistake and by utilizing the natural flow found in nature you are primed to manifest your wants with greater ease and more oomph!


Moon Cycles - new moon, full moon

The moon goes through 8 different phases each month with the New Moon and Full Moon Cycles being the most well known and powerful.


I will focus on the 4 quarterly cycles in this post so you can follow along using these moon phases to get what you want! POWERFUL!!


By tuning into each cycle and understanding how best to use it; you can accomplish your goals and bring in your manifestations with great force.


Understanding the dates of each moon cycle and astrological signs that the moon is in is key to planning and making the most out of the moon energy.



The New Moon represents the beginning of a new cycle.


Use the New Moon to go inward and do some introspective thinking about what you want to call into your life.


Set intentions, do some journal, and meditating to ground yourself and gain clarity.


Write down your goals and manifestations you want to achieve.  Release these dreams and do not hold attachment to them. The power of manifesting is held in the release.




The moon is on course waxing its way to Full.


The 1st Quarter Moon happens occurs about 7-10 days after the New Moon.


It is time to stay on course with your intentions and commit to them as your actions and thoughts around this time are going to be the catalyst for bringing your dreams to fruition.





It's time to reap the rewards set during the New Moon.


You may see results from the New Moon that just occurred, but more often than not you may be seeing manifestations come to life that was put in place 6 months prior.


This is because when the current Full Moon is in the same astrological sign it was in during the New Moon which happens in 6-month cycles.


As you can see that writing your intentions and goals each month is key so you can look back to previous months while you are receiving.





After the Full Moon, the Moon begins to wane back to New. This 3rd Quarter Moon is a time to review and release.


Take some time here to re-evaluate your intentions to ensure that they are still in line with your true desires.


Release what is no longer serving you or what is not in alignment with your highest good.


A great time to complete items on your to-do list so you can head into the New Moon cycle fresh and without attachment to anything that may hold you back.


Harnessing the Moon's Power by understanding her phases is just the beginning.


The more I learned about astrology and to incorporate my astrological birth chart into how I used Moon Cycles really took me to the next level in optimizing my time, power, and manifestations.


You can incorporate rituals, crystal healing, and a number of other aspects when acknowledging each phase.


Below are some of the resources I have used to help learn and go deeper in understanding the Moon Cycles:


Moonology by Yasmin Boland

This book really is the go-to for me when understanding each of the 8 cycles and how to tap into the energy to manifest.


FREE BIRTH CHART by the Astro Twins

Understanding your birth chart was immensely helpful in knowing how the moon affects me each day dependent on which astrological sign it is in and where that sign is in my birth chart.


I hope you enjoyed learning the basics surrounding the Moon Cycles and choose to go further.


It has been life-changing for me to see and each month I am able to stay focused on my goals and see my desires come into my life each and every month!

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