How To Make an $500 Extra Money Per Month

Extra Money Ideas

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If you want to make extra money online but thought it was hard; check out this list of ideas below.


Yes there are some ways that are commonly mentioned that have such little reward for a whole lotta work. I won't mention those.


Ways to make extra loot usually comes down to side hustles and cash back offers from shopping which are both two of my favorite ways.


I also included some out of the box options below that you may not have heard of.


Below are my picks for the best ways to make some extra money online. You can make as much or as little as you want with most of these options.

P2P Lending

At first, I wasn't too sure about this option, but it yields a great return if you are able to loan money through a Peer 2 Peer Network.


Essentially you sign up as an investor and lend funds to those looking for a loan.


The interest on the loans is on the higher side yielding a greater return. You can usually choose from low risk (lower return ) and high risk (higher return) options.


Two of the top P2P lending companies are Prosper and Lending Club.



Hands down my favorite way to make money easily. Although I have yet to hit the $100 mark per month, I get a pretty decent amount of cash back.


When you shop online through EBATES website, toolbar extension, or app you earn a % of Cash Back or sometimes even a set dollar amount.


It can add up quickly because sometimes they offer upwards of %30 cash back on some retailers.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Teach English To Children Overseas


This is an extremely viable option and I know many people who earn anywhere from an extra $200 - $2000 per month.


You can teach English to children from China from the comfort of your own home.


The lessons are pre-planned so no work on your part and you can qualify for monthly bonuses.


You may need to get up early to teach for example many classes run 5am-7am, but that might be perfect if you already have another job.


Check out VIPKID to apply.


Cash Back Shopping Apps


This category used to be in the too annoying for me to deal with, but now I found them to be lucrative.


Just like with EBATES, you can get cash back from shopping online using an App.


My other favorites are Ibotta & DOSH.



With Ibotta you just need to scan receipts to rack up pretty decent cash back.


Sign Up Here: IBOTTA and receive a $10 welcome bonus!



DOSH regularly has a referral opportunity where you can sometimes earn $25 for referring someone else which is AWESOME!


I love DOSH because I get cash back from dining out sometimes upwards of 7%. I usually forget and weeks later see that I have earned free money!

Survey Sites

Ok I know survey sites can be on the annoying side, but I included them because they work.


You can easily earn some extra cash from your bed or couch if you are in lounge mode.


It takes a little bit of patience to fill them out (most take around 10-15 mins), but it really is easy money.


The most profitable Survey Sites are Swagbucks and MyPoints.


I had to include this in the list because it is a great income generator! I would add this to the side hustle list because it does require some work.


The amount of work you put into it is up to you. You can choose to blog once a month, once a week, or make it your full-time profession.


Bloggers can earn anywhere from $50 to well over 6 figures each month.


Popular ways to monetize a blog are:


Ad Income

Affiliate Income

Selling Your Own Courses or Products



Check out my blog post: How to Start A Blog On WordPress

Affiliate Marketing


I wanted to break out affiliate marketing into its own separate category because it can be such a lucrative way to make money with or without a blog.


By using a blog you write blog posts that feature products you love and earn money while promoting.


You can also promote services you love to your friends and family.


Almost all retailers and online services offer a refer-a-friend program. You can sign up usually from the bottom of their website and get a link that you can provide to your contacts.


Dosh, Ibotta, Ebates are just some of the retailers that offer this.


Check the services you use to see if they have a refer-a-friend option!


If you want to get serious about affiliate marketing check out this course that has really helped me with the affiliate marketing strategy:

Making Sense of Affiliate Marking


Find the Course Here:


The creator of the course Michelle Schroeder makes over $150K/month!



Below are some of my favorite ways to make extra income. You can build these up and make as much as you want.


Buy Crystals wholesale and sell on Etsy or another platform.


Many friends of mine have created their very own online shop for crystals. It is a great side hustle to help generate additional income while doing something they love.


Create an online course and sell on your website or Skillshare


Creating online courses if you have a talent or skill is an easy way to recreate monthly recurring revenue.


For instance, I create and sell online courses when it comes to setting goals, manifesting money, and even creating an online store (coming soon) to sell digital and tangible products.


Make a thing and sell it!!


Seriously setting up your own online shop is easy these days.


I make handmade soap and around the holidays or generally whenever I feel like it I make soap and sell to family & friends.


I don't even have a website for it right now (although I will build one on WordPress in time for Christmas).


Currently, I post from my facebook biz page and allow family and friends to pay via PayPal. It is usually an easy $250 -$500.


Create an online Print on Demand Shop


You can easily sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, and prints online without much design experience.


If you already have a brand or website try adding some branded mugs to your site.


I use Printful for my husband's side hustle biz


I do have the advantage that he is an artist, but I have started to create my own designs and will have my own shop running on this website very soon!


The beauty about print on demand is that it is super simple to get started and you don't have any upfront costs!


You do not have to hold any inventory as the products are printed and shipped each time an order is placed.

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