How to Use Healing Colors

Hi, my name is Soluuna and I blog about natural living, thrifting/minimal waste, veganism and spirituality on my blog


I am so honored to write this guest post about using healing colors which is something I am very passionate about.

How Healing Colors Changed My Life


My story about color therapy started when I was very young. I have always loved colors around me, my childhood room was literally a rainbow and my favorite color changed constantly.


As I grew older I learned that I could sense colors and their vibrations. I could feel and see colors that others couldn’t.


One thing I remember clearly was coming home from school a handful of years ago.


I walked into our living room and there was this huge green with a bit of brown shape in the middle of the room. I told my mother and she just stared at me for a while before finally telling me why.


It turned a friend of our family had just earlier that day planted a tree of life in our living room.

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This really opened up my gift with colors for healing and using them around myself and the people around me. Today, I can feel what color a person needs to be surrounded by to restore balance or if, for instance, they are blocked or have pain in their body.


This why I want to talk about healing colors and their benefits in this post. 

Why Are Colors Amazing?


Colors have the ability to shift our moods, influence our emotions, some work cooling, some warming and they can bring balance to our soul and body to heal blocked areas and pain. Colors, like many other things, mean something different depending on who you ask so it is important that you feel and ask your body/mind what it needs.


If you feel pain in your body, that is typically not the root cause. Often it has something do to with your mental state – to get the most effective healing don’t look up the color for the physical problem, instead ask yourself what color is needed to treat what is causing the pain.


It is about finding a color that can treat the root, not the symptom. You can find the colors meaning and then pick one put I have found that it is more effective if the color comes from you or someone else asking for you.

How To Use Healing Colors

How To Find The Needed Color


Firstly, I want to mention that you don’t have to experience pain or feel something being blocked to use colors.


Use it in your everyday life asking yourself what color(s) you should surround yourself with for support and balance. Open up and trust what comes to you.


Whether you are feeling pain, feeling blocked or if you want a color to support you, close your eyes and tune in. Focus on yourself or if you are experiencing pain; the place where it hurts/is blocked.


If you want to, you can also place a hand there. Take a few deep breathes while focusing. A color (or multiple) might have already popped up, if not, now ask what color(s) you need to help you.


Trust what comes to you. Some people see the color, the word of the color pops into their head, others feel it or hear it and there are no wrong ways to do it.


This was how I started receiving colors and as my ability grows I can now just ask and a color appears, sometimes a color even appears and tells me what to do with it.

What Do You Do With The Color?


There are different ways you can surround yourself with the healing colors that you need. – There are no wrong ways to do it, you can’t do any harm. After or when you are receiving the color – ask how/where it should be placed.


Listen and trust yourself. Some ways I use colors are:  

A beam of color: I have found this method to be good for pain relief. Ask for your color, close your eyes and visualize a beam of the color hitting the spot that hurts. Visualize the spot decrease.


Repeat as many times as you need for as long you need until you feel a shift.

A shield: Whenever I go out I like to put a shield of color around me for protection. This is great for everyday use and something you can also do for others (with permission).


This works wonders if you are sensitive to others, like me, because it can shield you from their energy and emotions.

Crystals: Find crystals/stones with the color you need and have it around you. Under your pillow, on your nightstand, in your pocket or wherever your mind tells you to keep it. When you are done with it, rinse it with cold water.  

Have it physically around you: There are many ways to have the color(s) physically around you: It can be in the form of decor, wearing the color with clothing, eat foods that are the color you need, tape/place a crystal with the needed color on your body. Having the color around you is great for support and balance.

Use your hands: If you want to, close your eyes. Otherwise rub your hands together until you feel them heating up.


Visualize the color between and around your hands. When you feel the energy, place them on/around the spot that needs healing.


Keep them there while taking deep breathes until you feel a shift.

Using Color Therapy

Color therapy is all about listening to your intuition and trusting what you get. However, you choose to do it, say thank you to the color(s) and to yourself for letting you heal. If you find it hard to focus or if you don’t feel like you are getting anything keep trying. When you are new to it, it can take time to fully open the door but once you do you will thrive in color.


Have the color around you until you feel that it’s done until you feel a shift and that you no longer need it.


If you feel the need to not have it around you anymore, listen and remove it. It has done what it was meant to do for you.


To amplify your color healing surround yourself with nature, notice the colors around you, have living plants in your space, be grateful, drink lots of water and do meditative activities like walking, being creative in any way or meditate in silence or with calming music.

Using Healing Colors for Therapy
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