Heal with Your Subconscious Mind

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to heal your mind, body, and soul.

Extremely effective in as little as 1 session, this modality has been scientifically proven to transform many different issues.

Hypnotherapy allows you to by pass the analytical mind that rejects the ability to change quickly.

I mainly focus on:

Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching Divine Guidance and Higher Self Connection

Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching Money Mindset & Manifestation

Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching Pain Management,  Habits & Behavior Modification (weight loss, self sabotage, etc).


What Can Hypnotherapy Treat?

How Do I Book A Session?

You can fill out the Hypnotherapy Session Survey below.


Sara & Team will be in touch with obtaining further details and scheduling the session and remitting payment.


You can also contact Sara using the contact form below to ask details and further Q's about booking.

How does hypnotherapy work

 How much do session packages cost?

Session packages are $247 and we see results in one session 99% of the time.

If a second session is needed we reinforce the results already see (there is no additional charge).

Most clients are satisfied with results in first session.



How many sessions are needed?

Please see above. Usually one session and a follow up session (if needed) to lock in results.


Please note ** For Pain Management and in-depth Weight Management I do offer 4 week packages.


For Weight Management - a 4 week session is used if you have also have struggled with emotions and mindset around weight loss.


I will be in touch with details once the survey form is filled out.


Are Sessions Recorded?

Yes, You will receive a recording so you can listen to if you want reinforcement.



Are there refunds?

Due to the nature of the service, no refunds however if unsatisfied for any reason please contact Sara & Team directly to resolve using contact form below.



How Do I Book A Session?

Please fill out the survey below.

I will then be in touch with obtaining further details and scheduling the session.

You can also contact Sara using the contact form in the "contact us" section to ask questions.

** Due to the nature of  Hypnotherapy/NLP coaching a doctor's referral may be needed or care may be referred to another provider based on existing conditions.

If you have additional questions please use the Contact Us form below.

If you do not see an issue listed above please reach out to see how I can help you.

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