Magical Smudging Tools To Clear Negative Energy

Smudging Tools how to smudge

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What Is Smudging and How to Use Smudging Tools?

You can use smudging tools to cleanse your space of stagnant and negative energy.


This is commonly done in a sacred space before a ritual but can be done at any time.


I smudge and cleanse my space before I begin a project, during New Moon and Full Moon rituals, and after events where I have people in my home. I also do it almost daily before I begin my day at my desk.


This helps clear out old "vibes" and gives my space a cleansed feel.

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Our ancestors from many cultures practiced the act of burning sacred herbs to clear energy during ceremonies and to practice magical rituals.


If you decide to pick up the practice of smudging and using smudging tools; I encourage you to learn as much as you can regarding rituals and their history.


Various forms of smudging are considered time-honored traditions that are sacred to many cultures.

White Sage Smudge Stick - TwistfulThinking

How to Use Smudging Tools To Clear Your Space.


A Smudging Kit will typically consist of items that represent the 4 elements of the of life.


Earth - Unlit Herbs

Air - Smoke from the burning herb.

Fire - Herbs that are lit and have a burning ember.

Water - represented by the Abalone Shell.


Sacred Herbs: There are various herbs you can choose to burn during a smudging ritual.


The most common are Sage Flowers and White Sage. Some of the additional favorite herbs are Rosemary, Thyme, Bay Leaves, Cedar and my favorite Palo Santo wood.


These typically are bundled together and tied with string.

Palo Santo Smudge Sticks - TwistfulThinking

Abalone Shell: can be used to hold the herb while you are smudging. Can use any other fireproof bowl or receptacle.

Abalone Shell - UniqueFengShui

Bird Feather: Feathers are used to fan and direct the smoke to where you want it to go.


I have been taught to specifically use a feather in lieu of blowing on the smudge stick with your breath.

Bird Feather - NaturezEnlightenment

Smudging Ritual

smudging tools, smudging ceremony

Set The Intention & Create An Affirmation

Take a moment to think about why you are smudging.


You can create an affirmation such as "Please cleanse my space to rid it of negative energies".


Light Your Smudge Stick

Fan the flame with your feather until you have a strong smoke. Fan the flame all the way out so just the embers are left burning.


Place your burning smudge stick in your abalone shell or hand and fan smoke around yourself first (don't forget to lift each foot and smudge underneath!).


Move The Smoke

Open a window or door to allow the smoke and stagnant energies to escape.


Then fan the smoke around your space be careful not to neglect high corners.


You can recite your affirmation as you smudge your way around your space.


Visualize the negative energy leaving and being replaced with pure and high vibe energy.


Once complete you can extinguish the burning smudge stick in your abalone shell, outside in dirt of the earth, or another fireproof vessel.



I often smudge first with Sage to rid the space of negative energies. I then go back again with Palo Santo which brings in positive energies.


Many people (including myself) find themselves with a weird off balance feeling when just using sage alone.



Palo Santo Smudge Spray: Can be used when lighting a smudge stick isn't an option like... umm at your office desk ;).


You can visualize and silently repeat your affirmation as you do a quick spritz.

Palo Santo Smudge Spray - MomokoTheraputics


I hope you enjoyed the smudging tools and this post helped you find what you need to create your own smudging ritual!


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