Best Manifestation Techniques

I don’t set goals, create a vision plan, or even attempt specific manifestations these days without doing a manifestation clear. Like no f*cking way.

I choose the path of alignment, clear my sh*t, & show up for what I'm ready to receive.

How to tap into the power of the universe

By clearing the conditioning along with the emotional & energetic blocks you undoubtedly hold in your system, you open your channel to massive levels of receiving.


Combine that with a crystal clear intention, you then give your desires a place to land & form into reality.


Remove your worthiness blocks & self sabotage and you have got a winning formula my friend!


Whether you :

  • Have specific goals & desires you want to call in...
  • An identity your are looking to fully step into...


  • Are ready to shed the structures, beliefs, & systems that are keeping your from living a life you desire...

Manifestation clears work in your energy field to remove resistance standing in the way of what you want.

Do You?

  • Have big visions you are ready to unlock?


  • Have specific goals & intentions that you're ready to put a powerful cosmic force behind?


  • Want to do the damn thing + pull down your big purposeful vision?


  • Actually ready to clear the blocks that are in the way of taking aligned action?


  • Want to accelerate your receiving?


  • Increase your energetic & physical capacity to hold larger amounts of money & desires?


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What is A Manifestation Clear?

A Manifestation Clear is one of the top manifestation techniques that accelerates goal setting & receiving.

It is structured process that pulls concept from the Cosmos and brings it into form landing it on earth.

Thought Into Form
Cosmic Matter into Reality

Whether you're new at harnessing cosmic power to receive what you want or are an old hat at manifesting your desires, this process creates magick.

The Manifestation Clear process provides a clean, direct way to call your desire from conception into reality - SOLID TANGIBLE OUTCOMES.


You will get very clear on what you are bringing into manifestation & how to call to it in.


This is not your typical goal setting or purpose mapping session.

Why Is This Process One Of The Top Manifesting Techniques?

It's Precise

We are finding & clearing the specific emotional blocks you are carrying in your organs, blood, & energy field (every part of you)

It collapses charges & triggers around what you want - THIS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL MANIFESTATION & LETTING GO OF ATTACHMENTS.

It Create's Actual Change

We clear you childhood & societal conditioning that has running the deeply embedded rules of your life .

Find & Wipe Out the programming has been creating conscious & very deeply unconscious rules that dictate how you manifest and operate.

It's Fast Moving

The process itself takes around 60 minutes to 90 minutes. We move through downward through each Chakra clearing specific blocks in the way of your intention. 

Integration & results can be seen quickly. Usually the following weeks & months will show big shifts in how you operate & receive. It's also not unheard of to see immediate change with in days!

Who should do a Vison : Manifestation Clearing Session?

This is for someone who is ready to open themselves up to the universe & full embody the essense of who they are really are.


You will NEED to be willing to let go of past patterns & emotional conditioning.


You will also need to be willing to set a strong intention for change.



With all emotional clearing work, sh*t will come up. 


That’s the whole point.

This is deep work after all. You have got to be ok with facing your blocks, conditioning, and charges & be willing to name them & let them go.

This process will set you up for ultimate receiving with a crystal vision on what you are calling in & how to take aligned action to call it in.

FAQ - About the Manifestation Clear session

How long is the session? approx 60 - 90 mins.


What do we do? You will create a powerful intention/goal & we'll clear your entire manifestation channel.


Can you guarantee specific results?
Manifestation Clears are amazing and transformative, as with any program we can not guarantee a specific result.


Results are unique to each individual, essentially an MC will accelerate your capacity to receive.

How much does the session cost?
Currently the cost of the session is $299.99 USD.


Are there refunds?
There is a no refunds policy in accordance with my Terms and Conditions.

How do I sign up?
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