3 Mindset Shifts to Become Wealthy

Become More Wealthy with these Mindset Shifts

When working with clients to become wealthy; I’ve seen a lot of interesting patterns and limiting beliefs.


The people that I've worked with share many of the same common limiting beliefs.


Shifting these belief systems will go a long way to receiving the abundance of time, success, and money we all desire.


It’s amazing how quickly life changes once we are no longer limiting ourselves with these beliefs and we can become wealthy.

3 Limiting Beliefs that Block Becoming Wealthy

1. I am not worthy/ not deserving


This one, or some form of it, is the most common I’ve seen. I’ve even had to shift them in me.

It seems most of us pick up this limiting belief as we’re growing up.


We don’t do stuff right and get reprimanded, we don’t listen to adults around us, we continually ask for things that we don’t get, etc…


When we have a belief like “I’m not worthy”, this really limits us to what things we want, and we don’t let them into our lives.


We have trouble dreaming big, and also believing we can ever achieve that dream.


We will start sabotaging things, unconsciously, when they start to get beyond our limit of what we think we can have.


Especially with the deserving variant. When we believe we don’t deserve things, we don’t let ourselves shift into the receiving mode, and we are uncomfortable receiving.


An easy indicator of this is how people take compliments.


When someone tells you something great, or thanks you for something you did, can you receive it?


Or do you shrug it off with an “it’s nothing” etc.


Watch for this, and just start saying “thank you” and see how that feels to receive the nice words people are giving you.


Another good way to tell if you’ve got these limiting beliefs is to say the opposite out loud while looking into your own eyes in a mirror.


If it’s really hard to say, and you really don’t want to, chances are you have these limiting beliefs.


Good news, a belief is just a thought we keep thinking, and it’s only a thought and a thought can be changed.


It’s not hard to change limiting beliefs, it just takes some persistence.

2. I am not enough/not good enough


This belief is similar in feel to “I am not worthy/ deserving,” but there’s a subtle difference.


When we believe we are not enough or not good enough, we either don’t see opportunities to get what we want, or we don’t take them.


Either way, we are not living what we want, which sucks.


This limiting belief is often hiding under an “I’m not deserving” type of belief, which can make it trickier to spot until we shift the deserving belief.


I’ve also noticed that people who have this limiting belief will often make just enough money.


They get their bills paid, but not enough to get ahead like they want.

3. I’m probably going to fail at this.


Thinking only a rare few people actually get their dreams and become wealthy is a big one.


The words might be a little different, but the basic belief is that only a select few can ever get their dreams, and I’m probably not one of them.


This one is insidious, and it is often reinforced by our pop culture. Hundreds of thousands of people want to be rich and famous, only a select few get it.


Look at popular movies that tell us that we ‘need to be special’ or extraordinary in some way to be the hero that saves the day.


Very entertaining, but also can reinforce the belief that ‘only a select few’ get it.


Combine this with an undeserving or unworthy belief and we will sabotage ourselves out of all kinds of success.


This belief needs to be replaced with one that says our success is inevitable. I really like “my success is inevitable and I’m on the right path”.


We know that the path is often winding and unexpected in places.


This belief statement doesn’t really combat head-on with the limiting beliefs, which makes it rather easy to say and believe.

What Mindset Really Is


I’ve got great news. Mindset is just our beliefs.


A belief is just a thought we keep thinking.


A thought can be changed.


It isn’t hard to change a belief, but it does take time and persistence.


To change a limiting belief, we need repetition to get through our conscious mind and into the unconscious mind.


It’s helpful if you have someone clear out the energy patterns first and then do the new belief statements.

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Changing Limiting Beliefs


Pick your new belief statement. It needs to be positively worded (no don’ts or nots etc).


If you think you have all these limiting beliefs I’ve talked about here,


I would say this statement out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror 5-10 times every morning and night for at least 30 days.


After 30 days re-evaluate your life and possibly do another 30 days.


I am completely worthy and deserving. My success is inevitable and I’m on the right path.


It’s important to say it out loud, and if you can, look into your own eyes.


And if you want it to work extra well, have a positive emotion while saying it. This is easiest done by turning the statement into a little melody or dance.


This really works. I’ve changed my life and the lives of my clients by doing this work.


It’s easy, yet tedious, and we all hit a point where we don’t want to do it.


Keep going, past that point is real change if want to become wealthy!

Amandalee Hyatt

Amandalee is an energy mindset coach who uses her energy seeing and intuitive abilities to pinpoint exactly what limiting beliefs and energy patterns are in her clients way.


Together they shift these and create energy imprints and pathways for the clients to step into, allowing the client to create their dream life and to receive the large amounts of money they desire.




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