Amazing Oracle Decks for the Spiritual Babe


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Tarot and Oracle Cards have long been a favorite divination tool.


Used to channel your highest good and tap into your intuition these ritual tools have been used by mystics and wisdom seekers since the mid 18th century.


Oracle Card Decks differ from Tarot as they are less structure and do not have to follow the proper form of Tarot.


Oracle and Angel Cards tend to be more free-form and can follow almost any theme for animal deities, goddesses, earth magic and more!


Tarot cards are amazing if you learn the practice and can be an amazing guide if you learning for structured and more definitive direction.


Oracle cards help you connect to your inner self and follow your higher consciousness.


My Fav Oracle Card Decks

Keepers Of The Light 

by Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray has outdone himself in this card deck.


Known for helping you Raise Your Vibration this deck was created to help us channel our ascendant masters.


By using this deck you will call into your life angels and spirit guides to help you on your journey to divination.


Find it Here: Keepers Of The Light


Earth Magic

by Steven D. Farmer


Maybe I should have put this one last, but I let the cards fall where they may. (lololol).


This is my FAVORITE ORACLE DECK of.all.time.


The stunning artwork is just one of the reasons why I love it so much. The messages in the card deck are hard to beat.


Each card has a detailed meaning of earth's elements.


The creator is a Shamanic Healer and incorporates this into the message of each card.


Find it Here: Earth Magic


This gorgeous deck has taken the spiritual world by storm.


Meggan's Divine Feminine deck allow us to harness the power of our intuition and inner wisdom.


Connect to your higher consciousness with this stunning deck.

Find it Here: The Divine Feminine Oracle 


If you have read any of Rebecca's books (MY FAVORITE!) then you know what a strong and compelling light worker she is.
This oracle deck is her latest work and helps us connect to our soul's calling and greater purpose in this realm.

Find it Here: Work Your Light 

This is probably one of the most popular Oracle Decks to exist and for good reason.
Gabby and her designer created stunning watercolor images along with powerful affirmations and quotes.


This stunning deck is a powerful collection of beautiful imagery and strong, healing messages.


Tap into your wisdom and power through this oracle deck.


Find it Here: Sacred Rebels 



It's hard for me not to fill this entire blog post with Doreen Virtue oracle decks so I will just include my favorite.


Our goddesses full of wisdom including Greek, Hindi, and more are represented in this stunning 44 card deck.


Doreen may no longer support the mystical and angelic realms (she has converted to strict Christianity) her oracle decks live on!


Find it Here: Goddess Guidance 

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Another Alaina Fairchild favorite, this oracle cards go deep and provide the poetry of Rumi.


For those who embrace matters of the heart and soul; these cards will be a deck you are sure to cherish.


Find it Here: Rumi Oracle



I can't leave out this favorite. All of the favorite Archangel's including Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and more.


A common go-to deck for spiritual babes that love to channel and receive guidance for Archangels.

Find it Here: Archangel Oracle Cards


This 44 card deck and guide will help you connect with Native Spirit and healing.


The artwork is scenic and a great guide for working with our ancestors and animal spirits.


Find it Here: Native Spirit 


I love this deck! Mainly because I love crystals!


This deck provides a detailed description of healing crystals and their meanings along with affirmations and guidance.


Find it Here: Crystal Intentions 




These Oracle Cards harness the teachings of Abraham - the collective source that channels through Esther Hicks.


Abraham's teachings have been used as a guide to the Law of Attraction and Manifesting. These cards provide detailed explanations and inspiration.


If you have never heard of Abraham Hicks check out their videos on YouTube!


Find it Here: Getting into the Vortex Cards




Another great deck by Gabby Berstein. She provides amazing and inspiration affirmations that you can use each day.


Her Miracles Now Oracle deck is perfect for your daily dose of spiritual guidance.


Find it Here: Miracles Now

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