Activating Your Full Power Coaching


I am so excited to offer this 5 WEEK one-on-one coaching intensive.

Want Deep Transformation in Life

Know you have some serious magic brewing in the depths of your soul, but can't seem to bring it fully to the surface?

Are you flip-flopping on your offers, services, and your overall brand?

Feeling tired, overwhelmed, and straight up stressed out when it comes to promoting yourself?

Been practicing manifestation and are ready to call in your clients?

Have a lack of confidence in your ability to lead a program or coaching offer?

How to Sell My Coaching Services

You get to be fully in your power.

You get to share the most powerful aspects of yourself & services with the world.


The time is now.

No more waiting.


You get to show up.


And make an impact.

The Work
How to Find Your Exact Life Purpose
  • We go deep into your unique purpose blueprint to delve into your soul's mission.


  • To bring clarity to your role in this lifetime & the deeper meanings of you who you really are at your core.


  • You will learn how to make decisions and build unshakable confidence in yourself and what you put out into the world.
Become a coaching influencer
  • You will learn how to create and embody your role as a leader and influencer.


  • Create the identity shifts needed for you to show up boldly in the world.


  • Clear imposter syndrome and programming that makes you feel unsafe to speak your truth and share your deep message.
How to Fully Step Into Your Power
  • Excavate the true power that lies in the depths of your soul and allow your true innate voice to come to life.


  • Release any blockages related to fear of judgment, failure, & not feeling good enough


  • Dig into your most potent messaging and how to share it to your people so you cut through the noise.
How to Be Magnetic
  • Learn to work with your specific centers of magnetism


  • Understand where your in your energy profile you have the most power & influence.


  • Use this energy map to allow manifestation & allow things to flow in the way they were naturally meant to come to you
How to Make Money As A Coach
  • Make that money honey <3 <3 <3


  • Open up the channels of receiving so that people show up and pay you with ease.


  • Find exact points of resistance and clear them so money flow channels open up.
How to sign up for life coaching
  • YAY! This is one-on-one work.


  • We will be meeting 1x per week via FB video or phone call


  • This is transformation based directly on your unique purpose & energy.


  • This is a 5 Week Program.

    Terms of the program along with payment obligations will be outlined in our client contract.