What Is Your Personal Energetic Frequency and How to Raise Your Vibration

What is Your Energetic Frequency and How to Raise Your Vibration

What Is your Energetic Frequency?

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Everything in the Universe is made up of energy including you. Energy is alive and dynamic. As you probably learned in physics class even so called "solid" objects are made of vibrating particles.


We are all energetic beings and are constantly vibrating at certain frequencies.



Low & High Frequencies

Low frequencies represent "negative" emotions that include hate, envy, feelings of unworthiness.


Higher frequencies are represented by "positive" feelings including joy, love, and gratitude.


Before you think this is some cheesy post about being positive think about how much your thoughts run your life?


When you have angry thoughts do you feel very good?


When you have uplifting and loving thoughts wouldn't you say you are operating in a better place?


Why it is important to stay in a high vibrational state?


#1 answer is because it feels good and provides a high quality of living.


#1 equally important reason is because you will attract things vibrating at the same frequency as you.


If you practice law of attraction you know that like attracts like.


Ever hear the expression "when it rains it pours" or that you are "waiting for the other shoe to drop".


Think about these for a sec; you are expecting things to go even more wrong which then attracts more problems. NOT COOL!


When everything seems to go right you are on cloud 9 right? A great day is made up of a series of events that were pleasant and brought you joy!


Hitting every red light on the way home? Feels damn good doesn't it?!


By returning to a high vibe state even with things take a down turn means you will attract more good and experience more contentment.

How To Know Your Energetic Frequency?


So hopefully you are beginning to understand how important it is to stay high vibe. It can and will change your life and you can start immediately!


The best way to know is to acknowledge how you are feeling.


Check in with yourself. Are you depressed, lacking motivation, harboring anger and jealousy than you are vibrating at a low frequency.


If you are feeling love, joy, spiritual connection to whatever source you believe in (god, the universe, energy ect)? You are in a high vibration

How to Raise Your Vibration


You can raise your vibration on the spot and can also incorporate daily activities that will set you to keep you on higher frequency.

Below is a list of my top 10 ways to Raise Your Vibration!


1.    Change your physiology: Move your body and change your facial expression.


If you find yourself slumped over, shoulders down pick yourself up. It is an immediate energy boost.


Smile like an idiot, jump around and throw down some dance moves. I promise you cannot stay pissed off when you change your physical state.


 2.   Change Your Environment:  What are your senses focusing on? A desolate view out your window, smelly garbage, or loud irritating noise?


Take a break preferably outside (things in nature vibrate at a higher frequency!).



4.   Change Your Focus:  What you focus is how you feel and what you attract.  Stop focusing on the bad that is happening and shift your thoughts to the positive. (this can be tough, in terrible situations, BUT there are positives that can be hard to unearth).


5.   Respond V. React: Take yourself out of reaction mode (instant emotional reaction) and respond to the situation.


View the situation as a 3rd party or surveillance camera. Notice your feelings, process why you feel the way you do. You may still feel angry, but you are more apt to handle the situation with more tact and will be able to better to place yourself in a higher vibration.


6.   Go on Gratitude Spree: Gratitude resonates at one of the highest frequencies. You can immediately drop into gratitude at any given moment.


Stuck in mile-long traffic? You can thank the Universe that you were not in the accident.


This has been huge for me! I am Gratitude Freak now.  A couple of weeks ago I had a flat to-the-rim (pretty much DEAD) tire and saw it minutes before I had to pick up my daughter from daycare.


Awhile back my response would have been anger, panic, and fear.


Instead I was extremely grateful that the flat tire happened on a day my husband was home sick so I was able to use his car. I was also entirely grateful it happened two days before I was supposed to go on a road trip giving me enough time to have the tire replaced.


7.   Stop Engaging in Low Vibe Conversations : You are who you hang with. SERIOUSLY!

If those you are closest to including family, friends, co-workers are constantly talking about how life sucks, how broke they are, and how pissed they are at the world. You are taking on those low vibrations.


Protect your energy and do not participate in those conversations.


As Jim Rohn states, " we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with".


8.   Receive: How many time have you denied a compliment? Someone tells you like nice today and respond that you got no sleep and think you look like crap. You just talked your way into a very low vibration. Instead, thank them and allow yourself to receive the goodness of compliment.


9.   Take Care Of You: Be Healthy! Get daily exercise, eat healthy (try bein' mad while eating pineapple), and practice self-care.


10.   Practice Mindfulness: Mediation, energy healing, journaling, and being with yourself in general.


I took a Reiki Energy Healing Course - from Udemy online and have found profound effects from starting the practice on myself.


I was skeptical at first, but the online course from Udemy was fantastic.


I knew it would be awhile before I could participate in an in-person training, so I decided to give the online course a shot and it has been one of the best things I have done for myself.

Other Resources

I hope you gained some valuable insight in today's post about your energetic frequency and how important it is to raise your vibration when you start to feel low.


Below are some other great resources that can be used to keep you in a high energetic frequency!


Therapy - Terrible things happen to us and for many healing can be a long  and painful road.

Even if you don't have any long withstanding trauma, therapy and other healing modalities can provide the structure you need to ensure you are not living in a state of suffering.


Raise Your Vibration - Kyle Gray.

There are maaaany books on the subject, but this is one of my favorites!



Law of Attraction Coaching - may fav channel that has some kick ass Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Gary Vaynerchuck clips. Some Tony on Youtube can get me back in a proper heads pace with in minutes!


Ralph Smart - Infinite Waters. Ahhh One of the best and thought provoking YouTubers I have found!


Listening to music at higher frequencies can raise your vibration. Try searching for Solfeggio Frequencies, Binarual Beats, or Music at 432 hz or 528 hz.

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