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Hey Love!


Have you been considering starting a blog to help with your business? As an online marketer and clarity coach, I had been on the fence about if I should start a blog.


I am so happy that I started my blog. It has helped me get hundreds of opt-ins to my email list, earn affiliate income, and collaborate with other boss babes.


Starting a blog is actually easy. I’m not saying that maintaining and optimizing a blog is easy, but it is rewarding.

Web Hosting

How you choose to use your blog is up to you.


You can have it a supplemental way to drive traffic to your website, another income stream through affiliates posts and ad traffic.


It can also just be a fun place for you to discuss your tops and promote your brand.


My blog is the center focus of my business so I put lots of work into it. The only thing I can say is an I WISH I STARTED SOONER!


I can only imagine if I would have started 10 even 5 years ago.


Most bloggers are making 5 and 6 figure incomes when they put their focus on monetizing their blog.


Getting starting is the easy part, what you choose to do after is up to you. 


This Post Covers How To Set Up Your Blog on WordPress


You can use this tutorial even if you are setting up your website without blog functionality to start with.


Even if you just want a simple page explaining about your services.


In This Tutorial I Cover:


  • Blog Idea List
  • Blogging Platforms
  • Blog & Domain Name
  • Hosting Set Up
  • Website Theme and Builder Options
  • How To Make $$$ With Your Blog

Blog Idea List


You can start a blog about anything on the planet! Your blog can be a money generator or be a passion project.


It can also be a strategic tool to use in your business.


Blogging is powerful because you can put out content that will last forever.


If you are just using social media that content can disappear quickly.


If you start off with a blog post; you can then break it down and use it to help with all other content including Instagram captions, Facebook posts, and emails to your mailing list.


Speaking of mailing lists, you can use your blog to provide value and freebies to get people on your mailing list.


This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list.


Any business can have a blog which is basically just information on their industry and services.


Some of the top blog ideas are:


  • Home Decor
  • Health/Fitness
  • Recipes/Diet
  • Couponing/Saving Money
  • Making Money
  • Travel & Vacation
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty/Makeup/Fashion
  • Wedding & Event Planning
  • Shopping
  • Life and Business Coaching: oh hai this is me!

There is so much opportunity in this niche for blogging. More on this in the money making section.


As you can see it really is a tool that can be used with any niche.


The best part is is that you can get started today, even right now and be up and rolling in as little as a half hour.


You can blog as little or as much as you want.


If you are looking to monetize your blog then yes you will have to blog consistently each month, but it is FUN WORK!



There are a few options to choose from when it comes to blogging and website set up in general



WORDPRESS.ORG (different than This is what I use.





You have limitless options with and can tailor it to meet any of your needs including an online store, landing pages, and so much more.  


Thousands of plugins mean you can add literally any customization to your website.


It is FREE.

To set up you are not required to pay any monthly fees. You can buy additional add-ons, but if the service is free.  


It is EASY.

The reason why some of the other options such as Squarespace and WIX are so popular is because they offer drag and drop editors.


You too can use drag and drop builders to make it just as easy. I use Beaver Builder (more on that below).


There is a VAST NETWORK OF SUPPORT. powers over 25% of the world’s websites and almost every system out there are seamlessly compatible with it.


In the many forums I am in, I have seen countless bloggers run into issues with the other blog services.


They have trouble when it comes to customization, SEO, and getting their website to work with Pinterest and other functionality.


WordPress.COM is different than WordPress.ORG.


WordPress.COM It is a limited platform that requires you to upgrade to their paid service based on how much data you use.


They also place ads on your site that you can’t monetize. You also can not use your plugins of choice.


Make sure you choose WordPress.ORG!

Blog and Domain Name


This is the fun part. Brainstorming the name of your blog. 


I own quite a few domains including my name actual name


I choose my name for my business as I am branding my business as myself.


I may choose to use another domain for my blog that is a bit more creative, but for now, I am happy.


Whatever you choose make sure it is EASY.


Be creative but nothing hard to spell or with difficult words.


People need to be able to type in their browser quickly or be a name that they can recognize.


I buy my domains at Siteground because this is where I host all of my websites. (More on Hosting Below).


The cost for the year is about $15 which is pretty cheap!


You can go to as an alternative option.


Their domains are about $10.


The only issue is you will have to transfer your domain name to your hosting company which I have done.


I will buy a domain through Namecheap if I am just buying the domain to hold it like I did with my daughter's name.


Ummm she will definitely thank me for securing her name as her domain name in 15 years!

siteground webhosting

Web Hosting


You want a fast and reliable hosting service with great customer service. I have hosted all of my websites and blogs on Siteground.


They have been so great and offer free SSL certifications, hosting packages for one website or unlimited (what I have).


They also have great customer service.


Luckily I haven’t needed to contact them very often, but when I do I do via chat and get all my questions answered super easy.


Many bloggers recommend BlueHost. After doing research I read the Bluehost has issues with connectivity, speed, and site crashes so I opted for Siteground and have never had an issue.


With blogs, you are going to use A LOT of images.


Sitespeed was a major concern for me when I started my blog.


After doing some research I found Siteground to be the fastest.


You can check out one of the reviews I read here:



  • Speed
  • Customer Service
  • Easy and Helpful Resources
  • Highly Recommended


Full instructions on the domain name and set up via Siteground below.

Setting Up Your Hosting Through Siteground


You can visit to get started.



site ground pricing

This is what I started with a few years when I only had one domain name. As you can see it is super cheap!


If you think there is a potential for an additional website you can get the Grow Big account.


This is what I am currently on & will be upgrading soon to the GoGeek plan as my traffic grows.


You can upgrade at any time if you think you will need a bigger package so feel free to choose The StartUp for now if you think that is all you will need.


Choose Domain

Make your domain is available and then click proceed.

Install WordPress


Siteground will direct you to a setup wizard that directs you through each step in installing wordpress for your website.


Siteground also has a ton of tutorial You can find that here if you get stuck or want a complete walk through :


The hands down easiest thing you can do is start a Siteground Chat and have the rep install WordPress for you.


Once they do this they will provide you with your WordPress Username and Password. IT IS SO EASY.


I highly recommend reviewing the tutorial as well as it shows you how to set up your email and SSL certificate so when people pull up your website it shows as secure.


There are also a ton of YouTube videos that through the install process as well so you can check them too.


Even though I have set up a few sites now with Siteground, my first time around I still think I only spent about 20 minutes on the hosting set up process

You will then proceed to the check out page.


You will have additional options at the bottom for Domain Privacy & SG Site Scanner.


You can add these at anytime. When I start a new blog I do not include either until my blog is published.


This just saves a bit of money when you just starting.


Your total cost is typically going to be $47.40 ($3.95/month x 12) for your hosting.


Plus the $15.95 for the domain purchase. NOT BAD HUH?

Website Theme and Builder Options


Themes are so fun to choose and provide you with the capability to design your blog. You can use a free WordPress theme or you can purchase some pretty cheap.


You can find themes on:


Powered by Creative Market


I personally love the drag and drop themes and builders that require no code.


They work the same as building a website with WIX or Squarespace but with way more options.


I use Beaver Builder and I am obsessed.


They have pre-made templates for landing pages, contact pages, and blog options if you are getting started.


You can also customize your website to however, you want it without being locked into a certain style which can be the case with many other themes.




A Theme is basically the overall layout and style of your blog.


A Page Builder is a plugin that allows you to use drag and drop functionality.

Get Beaver Builder Now!

Beaver Builder is mainly a drag and drop page builder plugin.


You can find their services here:


You can purchase the builder alone which is $99 and use a free theme such as Astra!


Or the Genesis them which is $59.95.




I choose Beaver Builder paid solutions due to ease and flexibility.


You can change your theme at any time. Beaver Builder also has a corresponding theme that you can use with their page builder.


I choose to use Beaver Builder Drag and Drop Builder Plugin and their Beaver Builder Theme  (PRO middle option below).


I do this because the two play extremely well together and I can build unlimited websites and blogs with the purchase.


The plugin & theme together are so easy to use!



Other choices that I was debating about was Genesis theme or Divi. Divi has a ton of popularity.


However, after research, I found they use shortcode which essentially means you can not switch to another theme or move your website.


Even if I don’t end up changing my site I still don’t want to be locked to a certain theme.


Due to this I chose Beaver Builder and couldn’t be happier.


I also thought about the future of my websites and blog.


I knew there would be the potential for an online store and other websites.


I chose Beaver Builder because its easy and you can literally set up a page in minutes if you use a template.


I also love the freedom to design your site and each page with full customization.


I’m always thinking for what I’ll need down the road and Beaver Builder will support my web design as I continue to get more and more advanced.

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There are many ways to monetize your blog.


Below is a great list to start off with and should help you come up with the ways you want to make money with your blog.


AD INCOME - you can make money based on the number of visitors to your website.


Many websites make money from ads alone. Most bloggers I see make about 3-15K per month from ad income.


You can start off with or google adsense.



You can write articles that promote products that you love by using affiliate links and banners in your blog posts.


Some Bloggers make up to 7 figures just by affiliate income alone.


Some of the best affiliate systems to get set up with is:


Amazon Affiliateseasiest and most convenient place to find products. Every product under the sun is available


ShopStyle Collectiveamazing for fashion, beauty, home decor, and lifestyle bloggers. You can promote Nordstrom, Etsy, Sephora, and much more.


Affiliate Income from other courses or services you have used.


Many coaches and service offer their own affiliate programs.


Check to see what programs you have loved and if they offer an affiliate program.


If you are interested in making money from affiliate marketing I highly suggest you check out Michelle Schroeders Course  - Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing


You can find her course here:


Michelle makes over $150,00 PER MONTH!


Holy Crap!


I took her course and it was extremely eye opening and one of the best courses I’ve taken it to help me make money from my blog.


Your Own Courses & Products: You can easily use your blog to write about your own products and services.


You can also direct potential buyers to your landing pages to complete a sale or better yet to an opt-in to capture their email.


Once you have their email you can market to them and provide other value-driven services.


This is gold when it comes to having an online coaching or marketing business.


Sponsorships: You can provide your blog to various companies that offer a product or service your adore.


They pay you to write a blog post and/or a series of blog posts, and even for social media posts. Again this can be a HUGE money generator.


There are a million other ways to make money, but this is a great way to start off with.


Brainstorm maybe one or two objectives that you would like to accomplish with your blog when it comes to money-making.


***If you are serious about monetizing your blog I highly suggest Paul Scrivens course - Billionaire Blog Club.


Paul runs like over 10 blogs and makes over 75K per month.


It is an A-Z Course on how to create a blog and make money quickly.


He includes in-depth tutorials when it comes to starting a blog, using Pinterest to generate traffic, SEO, and also Affiliate Marketing.


This is the #1 course I have ever taken (in all of the courses I have taken for my biz) and has really put things into alignment for me when it comes to creating my blog.


This is the last time the course is offered at $347.


After this last go around he will be launching an even more in-depth course.


I believe is estimated to be at a $1500.00 price point. (i'm ecstatic for this new course!!!)


Definitely check out his free 12-day blogging boot camp if you are interested in beginning blogging for money at


There you have it!


I hope you enjoyed learning about blogging and get set up quickly!


Blogging can be extremely rewarding financially and personally. What you put it into it is what you will get out of it!








BILLIONAIRE BLOG CLUB - Free 12 Day Boot Camp :

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