The 9 Top Rose Quartz Beauty Products

Rose Quartz Face Roller

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Are You obsessed with everything Rose Quartz Beauty?


Rose quartz is a translucent pink stone often with gorgeous white veining.


The stone Rose Quartz represents love and also our ability to forgive and release.


Rose Quartz has taken the beauty world by storm and you can find products made from Rose Quartz and inspired by its romantic elements.

Check Out These Top Rose Quartz Beauty FInds

Pacifica Rose Crystals Setting Spray

Rose Quartz Crystal Dew Setting Spray

Pacifica is one of my go-to beauty brands for cruelty-free and non-toxic products!


This gorgeous and Rose Quartz infused setting spray will keep your make up in place.


Enjoy the light and moisturizing blend of natural extracts while invoking the power of Rose Quartz.


Find It Here: Rose Quartz Setting Spray at Target



Herbivore Rose Quartz Body Oil

Herbivore Rose Quartz Body Oil


Grab a gorgeous glow with this rose quartz inspired body oil.


Your body will illuminate and will feel deeply moisturized. High quality oils are infused along with a light Morracan Rose and Jasmine scent.

This product is vegan and cruelty-free with no fillers or artificial ingredients.


Find It Here: Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil at Revolve

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Comb


Free People Healing Rose Quartz Crystal Comb

Incorporate this Rose Quartz beauty find into your daily routine.


This product will add a holistic touch to your hair and beauty regime.


Use this elegant Rose Quartz comb to amplify blood flow and improve circulation as you brush your hair.


Find It Here: Skin Gym Healing Crystal Comb

Prismologie - Rose Quartz & Rose Comforting Silky Body Balm

Prism Rose Gold Body Balm

Indulge in this creamy moisturizing balm that is infused with Rose Quartz Energy and Arctic Rose extracts.


This cruelty free balm is made with Pink Clay and Rosehip Seed Hip Oil to leave your skin feeling velvety and pampered.


Find It Here: Prismologie - Rose Quartz & Rose Comforting Silky Body Balm at Badger


Skin Gym Rose Quartz Roller


Rose Quartz Roller

This Skin Roller is made of Rose Quartz which has skin healing properties.


The natural crystals move effortlessly over the face to help with blood circulation and skin tone.


This skin roller will also help promote lymphatic drainage and boost natural collagen production.


Find It Here: Skin Gym Rose Quartz Roller at Macy's 


100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss


100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss


I love this lip gloss! Infused with Rose Quartz, this lip gloss has a natural shimmer and is super moisturizing.


Fruit pigments provide a beautiful sheer touch of color and shea butter and vitamin E ensure the gloss nourishes your lips.


100% Pure is one of my favorite brands because they are cruelty free and their products are made without synthetic dyes or toxins.



Find It Here: 100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss at Revolve

Mike & Ally Rose Quartz Vanity Tray


Rose Quartz Vanity Tray Set

This vanity set is everything.


Create some high vibes in your bathroom with these exquisite pieces made from Rose Quartz.


The stunning beauty of these rose quartz Vanity items will completely transform the ambiance of your space.


Find it Here: Mike & Ally Rose Quartz Vanity Tray at Horchow


bareMinerals Crystalline Glow Bronzer & Highlighter Palette


Bare Minerals Rose Quartz Bronzer & Highlighter Set

Illuminate your face from the subtle glow of crushed Rose Quartz Crystals.


This bronzer and highlighter trio will flatter all complexions with their microfine rose gold pigments.


This trifecta will work for all areas of your face including cheekbones, brow bone, and inner eye corner highlight.


Find It Here: bareMinerals Crystalline Glow Bronzer & Highlighter Palette at Macy's


Pacifica Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion


Pacifica Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion


Get an all-over glow with this shimmering body lotion.


Made with Rose Quartz, Watermelon, and Lemongrass you can't help but feel ethereal when using the body lotion.


Another great Pacifica find!


Find it here: Pacifica Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion at Ulta

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