Are You A True Empath? Find Out In 5 Minutes

How To Find Out If I'm An Empath

Are You A True Empath?

You may already suspect you are true empath because you are Emotionallll.


You feel other people's emotions and absorb them like a sponge.


The thing is about half of the population are empath's & half are not.


I have found many people believe they are true empaths and in fact they are not.

Find Out in 5 Minutes

>> Go to .


>> Enter Your Birth Details.


>> Check If Your Solar Plexus/Emotional Center is White or Colored in. (See Pic Example Below).


If this center (circled in Green) is White you are a truth empath.


If it is colored in you are not an empath, but instead of feeling your own emotions which run through your energy constantly.


Check Out the video below to learn a bit more about what the hell you are looking at 😉

Are You An Empath?

I am going to share with you the "personality" test that will allow you to easily find out if you really are a true empath.



Human Design is a system that was created combining the Chinese I'Ching, Kaballah, Hindu Chakra System, Astrology, and Quantum Physics.

Your "results" are an entire energetic blueprint of WHO YOU ARE.


  • Your Strengths & Weaknesses
  • How you Manifest
  • Your Life Purpose
  • How you Communicate with Others
  • How you Process Information
  • How You Make Decisions

This is an extremely intricate system so we are only scratching the surface here.

You will not know what everything means on this chart.

I've been studying this system for almost 2 years now!

There is so much here that will change yo life!

We are taking a look at a tiny aspect here of how this chart works.

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Life Purpose & Direction

Motivation & Discipline


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