How to Use Affirmations by Understanding Their Secret Keys

Learn How To Use Affirmations To Manifest
Learn How To Use Affirmations To Manifest

Ever stand in front of the mirror reading out the affirmations you have taped up there and just feel blah?


Do you wonder how to use affirmations more powerfully to help you manifest your desires?


Do you feel like you’re doing everything right but the words are not connecting, it doesn’t resonate with you on a deep level?


They aren’t lifting you up but rather make you feel a bit inadequate because of they are looking at who you want to be, not who you are right now?

how to use affirmations powerfully

Yeah, I’ve been there.


There are a couple of important things to note with affirmations to experience the full power of them, and one pretty big secret.


Too often, our affirmations are generic.


They are generalized statements that could fit anyone.


This is great in a group setting because you need everyone to feel it, but when you’re saying them to yourself every day, we need IMPACT.


Stop being generic and speak straight to your heart.


Use affirmations that are BEST for YOU. So, how do you pick the right ones? I’m going to give you two ways to do this.


  1. Chat with someone who loves you and tell them you need a pick me up today, ask for some compliments!


They love you, they’ll be happy to give them to you. Not only will you both feel really good after, but you can pick out which happy, kind, loving words of theirs’ really struck a chord with you.


Which ones “hit home?” Make those into affirmations for yourself, those are the words you need to hear daily.


2. Pay attention for at least 3 days to every mean thought you think about yourself. What are you saying to yourself?


Write them down and then write it again in a loving, caring and supportive way.


Practice as if you had heard your best friend say these mean words to herself. 


Maybe she was complaining about a breakout and you stopped her and said, “No, your skin doesn’t hate you, it is working to heal and protects your body from outside elements, it protects you from harm and I am grateful for your skin.


It is beautiful and it is healing and will heal fully.”


Feeling better already, right?!

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using affirmations for manifesting

Use Your Affirmations By Phrasing Them Powerfully


So, now that you have some personal affirmations, you need to make sure they are phrased correctly for optimal impact.


This is the secret KEY on how to use affirmations. They must align with what you BELIEVE. You must believe them, that they are true or at least can become fully true.


It must resonate with you.


If you doubt them, (whispering “yeah right” in a tiny voice in your head) you will not reach the vibrational frequency it takes to draw them to you. Vibrations match each other.


The key is to feel it as if it is, in order for it to be.


So, when learning how to use affirmations, most people will tell you to state things as you want them in the present tense like they are already true.


Logically that makes sense right? If you are trying to feel as if it is for it to be, which we are because that’s exactly how vibrations will align.


BUT because it is all about feeling, it MUST feel true, connected and honest to us, we cannot be experiencing doubt.


To do this, put all your focus on feeling the FEELING of what it will be like when this affirmation does come true.


That means acknowledging and feeling gratitude and love for where you are right now, in this present moment and connecting with the elation of what it feels like when this comes true, knowing and believing it is possible.


Do you see the power in that?

Instead of just saying “I have gorgeous, clear skin” and being filled with “No you don’t, you have constant breakouts, it’s not beautiful, it’s certainly not clear” in that critical, inner narrator voice we all have, we want to start from where we are and be filled with words we BELIEVE that supports our affirming, love statement.


Maybe something like, “I am grateful for my skin, it protects me and is healing right now. My body, my skin has the potential to heal itself fully and completely and that feels amazing!”

The next step is to start working these into our meditations!


Did you know that meditation can actually slow down the aging process?? Click here to learn 7 amazing ways meditation will transform for your life.


Are you ready to start feeling better, happier, more confident? Connect with me here and let me know how things are going for you and we’ll get you started on the perfect plan for you.

xx, Kellsie

Be Marvelous You

Kellsie Louise How To Use Affirmations

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