How to Use NLP To Manifest Your Desires

Use NLP To Manifest and Practice Law of Attraction

What is NLP?


NLP is :

Neuro- system of our mind and how we process information.


Linguistic - the language of our mind: sounds, pictures, feelings, smells, and tastes and even our self talk.


Programming - using the programming of our mind to create action and achieve desires.


It is essentially using the program of our mind in order to achieve and manifest our desires.




It was created in the 70's where excellence was modeled after therapists who were creating unwavering change and results in their clients.


It can also be considered the practice of excellence and rewiring your brain to succeed in your life.



We mainly operate from our conscious mind which is very analytical and critical.


We often neglect to think with our subconscious mind which is the powerhouse of our beliefs, actions, habits, emotions, & health.


In order to make a change, we must change on the subconscious level which in many cases (such as hypnotherapy) we need to bypass the critical conscious mind.


With the use of NLP, we use us both the conscious mind and the subconscious to reprogram ourselves for success.

Make changes with your subconscious mind



We take in information through our five senses.


We see, feel, hear, taste, smell, even process information via our internal dialogue.


This is extremely important to know.


When you know how you best process information you can then tailor your mental programming in the most effective way for you.


Our emotions are also a big factor in manifesting.


When you release negative emotions and change the meaning behind past emotional events you can then reprogram yourself for joy, love, & happiness that are essential for calling in your desires.


We also carry belief systems with us that stem from early childhood, society, past generations, and even past lives (if you are a believer).


That is a crazy amount of time to have sticky belief systems about money, success, & health that can cripple our ability to truly believe we can manifest.



The basis of manifestation is knowing exactly what you want and feeling the feelings as if you have it.


You need to feel and believe that what you desire can be attained and that you already have it.


That means you have to release and remove all barriers that get in the way of you believing that you can manifest the thing.


When you use NLP to manifest you can reprogram your brain to remove every barrier that stops you desires from coming into your external reality.



With the work of NLP, you can better visualize by invoking your senses.


If you are more in tune with your sense of feeling you can know to incorporate the act of feeling (internally and/or externally) into your "visualizations".


Visualization doesn't necessarily mean just seeing your desire.


It means creating a picture in your mind's eye and incorporating your senses to make it extremely powerful and believable.


If you are receptive to hearing information you know how to incorporate sounds into your visualization.


If you are more sensitive to feeling (physically or emotionally) you can incorporate the sense of feeling heavily in your visualization.


If you see things you know to incorporate super vivid imagery  (colors, objects, etc) into your picture.


If you are unsure what you're primary sense is;  picture a beach scene and describe out loud as if you were telling a friend.


Record yourself when verbally this beach scene and go back and listen to it.


Write down all sensory words and see if what words are more tied to seeing, hearing, and feeling the scenery.


Whatever sense is most present is your primary representational sense and what you can use to amp up your visualizations.

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Having emotional baggage can keep you stuck and prevent manifesting miracles.


We are carrying around negative emotions since birth (or even before) that get stronger and stronger as we grow older.


Our first initial feeling of anger gets compounded with each new event in our life that we experience anger.


That sh*t gets heavy.


You can not move forward with a new reality if you are tied to emotions of the past.


Think about how much fear stops us in our tracks.


Yes, fear is important, however, our bodies overreact with fear in many situations since we are still wired to be fearful of predators in the wild (snakes & lions).


Often times we believe we want something but there are sneaky emotions that are sabotaging the new beliefs we are trying to instill.


You may be telling yourself over & over that you can have something, but deep down you may not believe you are good enough to attain it.


You can break through emotional barriers such as fear and feelings of unworthiness that often cause self-sabotage through NLP techniques.


You can journal on the below to help you find emotional blockages.

My desire is _____________?


What is stopping me from this desire__________?


What action could I take right now to move me closer to my desire?


What do I feel about this action?


We all have a story about money, success, time, health, and just about any other topic in life.


We have belief systems that have been ingrained very early on from family, society, and past generations.


Think about what comes up from you when you think about making money?


You may have belief systems such as money is hard to make, you can only live to survive, or even that rich people are assholes (one of mine lololol).


These are ideas that you believe with conviction and are part of your mental programming.


In order to manifest your desires, it usually takes a massive upheaval of finding limiting beliefs and changing them.


If you write affirmations over and over again or repeat incantations to yourself while these are powerful sometimes they take a long time to uproot.


With the work of NLP, there are many techniques to quickly get to the root of the limiting beliefs and annihilate them.


As you see; NLP is crucial to the manifestation process because NLP is the process of rewiring your brain and emotions.


If you are interested in the power of your subconscious mind I suggested grabbing my Self Hypnosis Training (FREE) below.


NLP and Hypnotherapy are branches of the same modality and self hypnosis is an amazing way to start hacking your brain for changes in health, money, and mindset.

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