What is the Energy of Fast Success?

What are manifestation tricks?

What is the Energy of Success?

The Energy of Success allows you to use frequency, vibration, & emotional intelligence as a way to receive more, be in flow, & become a master manifestor.


By operating from this framework, how much you do is no longer how you prove your worth & value to the world.


The world meaning your work, clients, family, partners, & society in general.

To operate from energy you have to know the basics:

  • The energy of money & success


  • What really is limiting your ability to receive.
  • How to create consistent opportunities.


In order to break the cycle of killing yourself to achieve & maintain higher levels of success you must take an ENERGETIC APPROACH TO SUCCESS.

Why is it important to know the Energy of Success?

So you can create a rich, meaningful life that is full of everything you want to be/do/have without BURNOUT.

You can move mountains, create massive success, & love the work you do without:

  • Giving all your energy to to other people.


  • Saying yes to ALL THE THINGS when you really don't want to.


  • Feeling anger, resentment, extreme stress & burnout from all of you energy leaks.

How does the Energy of Success work?

By understanding first of all how energy & vibration affect your life & the opportunities you receive.

Understanding the Energy of Success Will:

  • Explain your money & success limits.


  • Emotional barriers to self worth & fear of getting what you want.


  • How to create consistent momentum in your receiving.

How do I beginning learning about the Energy of Success?

I created a super fast & simple mini training to help you understand & learn about the:

  • energetics of money
  • receiving more
  • and creating momentum.

    Sign up below to grab this free mini training! Enjoy XOXO.

10 Adorable Moon Nursery Ideas for Baby

Moon Nursery Theme

** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

Hey There Moon Magic Mama!


Looking for some moon nursery ideas? Look no further than this collection of the most adorable moon pieces for any baby's room.


If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift for a little boy or girl, these nursery room ideas are the perfect match.



Moon and Cloud Pillow Set


Moon and Cloud Pillow

Check out this plush and perfect Moon and Cloud Pillow set.


Perfect for any baby's room. This set will add a beautiful and comforting aesthetic to your baby's nursery.


Find It Here: Moon and Cloud Pillow Set




Cloud Rug

cloud rug for baby nursery


This cloud rug is an amazing celestial touch that you can add to baby's nursery.


A baby's room isn't complete without an adorable rug, and this will fit your moon nursery theme perfectly!


Find it Here: Cloud Rug

Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp for Baby Nursery

Make baby's room a magical and special place with this moon replica lamp.


Perfect for giving you the soft light you'll need during bedtime routines and changing your little's one diaper.


Find it Here: Moon Lamp



Baby Moon Mobile

Baby Moon Mobile

Baby's love mobile to stimulate brain activity and entertainment.


Encourage your baby's fine motor development with this stunning moon baby mobile for the crib.


Find it Here: Baby Moon Mobile



Stars and Moon Wall Decal

Stars and Moon Wall Decal for Nursery

Need some moon nursery ideas for wall space?


Try a wall decor that will give an instant update to your baby's nursery room.


Find it Here: Stars and Moon Wall Decal

Moon Night Light


Moon Night Light


Moon Night Lights are my favorite moon nursery accessory.


Here is another perfect night light to add some magical ambiance to your little babe's bedroom.


Find it Here: Moon Night Light




Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Wall Print



These wall prints are perfect for any boy or girl nursery.


They will make the perfect baby shower gift because they are so darned cute!


Find it Here: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Wall Print



Reclaimed Wood Moon Wall Decor



If you love the earthy and natural touch of reclaimed wood then this Wood Moon Wall Hanging is the perfect fit for your nursery room decor.


Find it Here: Reclaimed Wood Moon Wall Decor

Silver Moon Nursery Pillow

Silver Moon Nursery Pillow

Another cute pillow must have! Use this pillow as a decorative wall hanging. The silver fabric will add magic to any nursery!


Find it Here: Silver Moon Nursery Pillow



Wood Moon Night Light

If you can't get enough of the Moon inspired night lights then be sure to check out this Wood Moon Night Light.


Perfect for moon nursery ideas that are unique and adorable for any boy or girl!


Find it Here: Wood Moon Night Light

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Rose Quartz Face Roller

The 9 Top Rose Quartz Beauty Products

Top 5 Money Manifestation Books

Top 5 Money Manifestation Books

Extra Money Ideas

How To Make an $500 Extra Money Per Month

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Baby Nursery Decor Celestial
Adorable Moon Baby Nursery Ideas
Moon Baby Shower Gifts

The 9 Top Rose Quartz Beauty Products

Rose Quartz Face Roller

** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

Are You obsessed with everything Rose Quartz Beauty?


Rose quartz is a translucent pink stone often with gorgeous white veining.


The stone Rose Quartz represents love and also our ability to forgive and release.


Rose Quartz has taken the beauty world by storm and you can find products made from Rose Quartz and inspired by its romantic elements.

Check Out These Top Rose Quartz Beauty FInds

Pacifica Rose Crystals Setting Spray

Rose Quartz Crystal Dew Setting Spray

Pacifica is one of my go-to beauty brands for cruelty-free and non-toxic products!


This gorgeous and Rose Quartz infused setting spray will keep your make up in place.


Enjoy the light and moisturizing blend of natural extracts while invoking the power of Rose Quartz.


Find It Here: Rose Quartz Setting Spray at Target



Herbivore Rose Quartz Body Oil

Herbivore Rose Quartz Body Oil


Grab a gorgeous glow with this rose quartz inspired body oil.


Your body will illuminate and will feel deeply moisturized. High quality oils are infused along with a light Morracan Rose and Jasmine scent.

This product is vegan and cruelty-free with no fillers or artificial ingredients.


Find It Here: Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil at Revolve

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Comb


Free People Healing Rose Quartz Crystal Comb

Incorporate this Rose Quartz beauty find into your daily routine.


This product will add a holistic touch to your hair and beauty regime.


Use this elegant Rose Quartz comb to amplify blood flow and improve circulation as you brush your hair.


Find It Here: Skin Gym Healing Crystal Comb

Prismologie - Rose Quartz & Rose Comforting Silky Body Balm

Prism Rose Gold Body Balm

Indulge in this creamy moisturizing balm that is infused with Rose Quartz Energy and Arctic Rose extracts.


This cruelty free balm is made with Pink Clay and Rosehip Seed Hip Oil to leave your skin feeling velvety and pampered.


Find It Here: Prismologie - Rose Quartz & Rose Comforting Silky Body Balm at Badger


Skin Gym Rose Quartz Roller


Rose Quartz Roller

This Skin Roller is made of Rose Quartz which has skin healing properties.


The natural crystals move effortlessly over the face to help with blood circulation and skin tone.


This skin roller will also help promote lymphatic drainage and boost natural collagen production.


Find It Here: Skin Gym Rose Quartz Roller at Macy's 


100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss


100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss


I love this lip gloss! Infused with Rose Quartz, this lip gloss has a natural shimmer and is super moisturizing.


Fruit pigments provide a beautiful sheer touch of color and shea butter and vitamin E ensure the gloss nourishes your lips.


100% Pure is one of my favorite brands because they are cruelty free and their products are made without synthetic dyes or toxins.



Find It Here: 100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss at Revolve

Mike & Ally Rose Quartz Vanity Tray


Rose Quartz Vanity Tray Set

This vanity set is everything.


Create some high vibes in your bathroom with these exquisite pieces made from Rose Quartz.


The stunning beauty of these rose quartz Vanity items will completely transform the ambiance of your space.


Find it Here: Mike & Ally Rose Quartz Vanity Tray at Horchow


bareMinerals Crystalline Glow Bronzer & Highlighter Palette


Bare Minerals Rose Quartz Bronzer & Highlighter Set

Illuminate your face from the subtle glow of crushed Rose Quartz Crystals.


This bronzer and highlighter trio will flatter all complexions with their microfine rose gold pigments.


This trifecta will work for all areas of your face including cheekbones, brow bone, and inner eye corner highlight.


Find It Here: bareMinerals Crystalline Glow Bronzer & Highlighter Palette at Macy's


Pacifica Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion


Pacifica Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion


Get an all-over glow with this shimmering body lotion.


Made with Rose Quartz, Watermelon, and Lemongrass you can't help but feel ethereal when using the body lotion.


Another great Pacifica find!


Find it here: Pacifica Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion at Ulta

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rose quartz gemstone beauty products
Pink Crystal Healing
Rose Quartz Face Roller

5 Simple Ways to Ignite Connection With Your Baby

Tips For Connecting with Your Newborn Baby

Hey, #MindfullnessMamas congratulations on your bundle of joy! Do you want to find a connection with your baby?


Did you feel that surge or love, do you want to #NurtureThatSparkle you see and feel within your baby?


You are your #BabiesFirstTeacher from the very first #SkinToSkin to the hugs you will share for the rest of your lives.


#LoveCreatesLove so ignite that sparkle and connection with your baby with the power of touch in these five simple ways!

skin to skin with your baby

Your First Connection with Your Baby


That first contact baby gentle places on your Chest! The bonding begins, continue this!


Let Dada join in - place baby in his arms, let him hold the precious gift the universe has given you against his bare chest.


Spend time both of you snuggling with Baba.


Do not be afraid of western taboos #SkinToSkin contact between parent and child releases feel good and bonding hormones.


Giving Baba the most secure start to igniting the sparkle inside.

how to nuture skin to skin with your baby

By Nature We Are Tribal!  


It takes a village to raise a child. Family and friends have all waited to meet this new arrival.


Welcome the gifts your own version of ‘village’ brings to you.


By sharing your joy and receiving what is offered to you, you share the love.


You teach your baby that #LoveCreatesLove, enriching their lives.


Let your village hold your baby, help feed and care for your baby.


Let your baby feel secure in the arms of your village.


Mamas arms will always be their safe haven but let them feel the -- security you and your child already share with your tribe.

how to be a mindful mama

From the very second you baby enters this world you become #BabiesFirstTeacher.


Baby belongs in your arms!


Baby learns to sparkle in your arms!


Do not enter into the belief that baby needs all the gadgets and toys on the market.


Baby needs you!


Want baby to flourish, to grow, to sparkle - touch, hold, make eye contact, nurture, talk, interact.


A baby cannot be spoilt by too much love!


Baby yoga and baby massage both give you the chance to bond together and for you to ignite a sparkle that you and baby can grow together!


Start singing those nursery rhymes - baby cries - acknowledge - eye contact, touch.


Use a pacifier but do not substitute the power of touch.


Teach baby to explore the world from the safety and security of your arms and the spark with ignite for them to flourish in the world when the time comes outside of your arms.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Live in the moment!


Enjoy the moment!


In the western world, too much pressure is put on you to detach from your precious gift.


How much of our babies time is spent in a container  - cribs - prams - buggies - car seats - playpens - bouncy chairs.


Yes, each has its place but do not substitute your arm.


Do not detach from the gift the universe bestowed on you, that you grew and nurtured inside of you!


Hold baby every chance you get. Comfort baby every time you are needed to.


Carry the baby from the house to the car.


Have baby parent facing so you can maintain eye contact and regularly reassure with a stroke of the cheek or touch of the hand.


Use a sling, don’t leave baby in a container when they can be within the place they belong - your arms!


We only have eighteen summers at best before our fledglings take flight into the world.


#MindfulnessMama ensures you #NurtureThatSparkle by always being present and connected in the moment.

create love with your baby

Intimate contact creates happier, healthier babies.


We cannot ignite a sparkle in our infant and not nurture it to grow and become a shining light.


Be the parent who always welcomes their child with open arms.


Be the parent who always kisses their child goodbye.


Never let your child feel excluded from  your arms.


Build baby massage and baby yoga into your daily routine.


Dance with your daughters and sons.


Play round and round the garden or my little piggie over and over.


Take the photos but do not hide behind the camera - be the one running hand and hand into the sea.


Build those memories in a sea of touch, for you will always remember a small hand in yours but will they remember a kind, safe enveloping hand holding theirs.


For a babies brain to grow and develop the most important factor is the physical and mental bond that you share.


With the most powerful of all touch, we can #NurtureThatSparkle.

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Boss Babe Work Books to Unleash Your Power and Passion

Girl Boss Book Ideas

10 Girl Boss Books to Inspire and Motivate You

Control Your Subconscious Mind

3 Easy Ways to Communicate with Your Subconscious Mind

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5 SImple Ways to Bond With Your Baby
How to Connect with Your Baby
How to Care and Bond With Your Newborn During First Week

12 Stunning Ikea Home Office Hacks

Stunning Ikea Home Office Hacks

This Ikea Home Office hacks will give you amazing inspiration to set up your high vibe boss lady space.


The most exciting part of working from home is the freedom, the second is your home workspace.


What could be better than finding some kick-ass Ikea decor and tailoring to make your girl boss office space posh and uplifting?


Read on to check out these Ikea Home Office Hacks. 


1 . Billy Bookcase Hack by Southern Revivals

I am an avid reader and have a massive collection of books.


Transforming a bookcase in the way that Southern Revivals is officially on my to-do list.

I love the over aesthetic and display options they have going on using Ikea's Billy Bookcase.

2. Coffee Table Upgrade to Desk by Style Me Pretty.


Style Me Pretty shows how you can upgrade to a simple, but elegant desk from an Ikea Coffee Table.


She takes some spray paint and gives the coffee table some major life and glamour.

theeverygirl-bar cart

3. Bar Cart to Offfice Supply and Display Unit  by The Every Girl


The EveryGirl transform an Ikea Bar Cart into the cutest display unit I've seen.


Perfect for small spaces and super stylish! This bar cart transformation is super easy and another one to add to my to-do list.

Cateshill ikea drawer

4.  Ikea desk w. Alex Drawers by CatesHill.com 


I never get tired of looking at Alex Drawer hacks.


Ever since I started reading makeup blogs I have been enamored by the Alex Drawer which is what all the Makeup Bloggers use.


It is so clean and sophisticated looking and they hold a ton of storage!


I love how Cate matched it with the Ikea desk and her grey aesthetic!

Spray Painted Gold Ikea Desk by ChicStreetStyle.me

5. Spray Painted Gold Ikea Desk by ChicStreetStyle.me


This desk makes me want to break out the gold spray paint on EVERYTHING.


It looks so glammed up. The transformation is gorgeous with just a couple of simple touches.

pretty providence desk-ikea-craft-room

6. DIY Ikea Desk Hack under $60 from Pretty Providence.


Pretty Providence takes an Ikea Headboard and makes it into a desk with storage!




This simple yet elegant hack is perfect for anyone who loves simple and easy to put together.


I've been researching desks just like this; they all are well over $150!

Tumbl Kasset drawer set

7. Ikea Drawers in Massive Craft Table - Tumblr


Check It This use of Alex Drawers along with all kinds of Ikea products!


If you have space this can be an excellent way to make an area a productive area.


Great for crafts, even the living room, and dining room.

metal to wood bookshelf

8.  Metal Bookshelf transformed with spraypaint and wood by Real Happy Space.


This is the truest of hacks right here! A simple metal shelf spray painted to transform the overall aesthetic.


The shelving unit has beautiful and stained wood planks added to give it a more welcoming feel.


9.  Storage Shelves by HawthorneandMain.com


This Ikea Halax hack is so cute and is perfect for the girl office!


Great for a smaller space; this is a perfect way to display books and knick-knacks in your home office.


By adding some cute legs to the Halax unit she was able to give it some mid-century appeal.

Kallax Posh Hack

10. Easy Kallax Storage Unit Upscale Update by The Pink Dream


Another fabulous Kallax hack! Love this posh and modern revamp.


Can you imagine having this in your dining room or living room?!


I would have never thought of updating the facade of the door, but it makes such a huge difference! <3 <3 <3.



11. Gold Painted Pendant Lamps by Sugar and Cloth & Lulus


I've shown a lot of desk and furniture hacks.


How about a simple desk lamp hack?!


I love how easy it was for her to upgrade this lamp with some gold spray paint.


The new gold interiors add a modern and sleek touch to the hanging lamps.

IKEA Rast Hack Media Console | inbetweenchaos.com

12. Plain Ikea Rast Drawer Chest to Modern Media Center by In Between Chaos


Holy Moly! Check out this hack.


This is 4 drawer sets painted and put together to form a massive media center.


Love this idea and can not believe how simple yet how amazing it looks.


Can you imagine how much it would cost to buy a media center that looks like this?


Probably over $1K!


I love how much storage this provides and how cute the display is on top!



These Ikea hacks have me running to Ikea like right now!

The transformations that have been shown are amazing and perfect if you want to create an inspiring girl boss office!


Working from home should be fun and these hacks offer the perfect aesthetic.

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Smudging Tools how to smudge

Magical Smudging Tools To Clear Negative Energy

Stunning Agate Home Decor Ideas

Stunning Agate Home Decor Ideas

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Ikea Home Decor Office Hacks
Home office inspiration
Girl Boss Office Decor

Magical Smudging Tools To Clear Negative Energy

Smudging Tools how to smudge

** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

What Is Smudging and How to Use Smudging Tools?

You can use smudging tools to cleanse your space of stagnant and negative energy.


This is commonly done in a sacred space before a ritual but can be done at any time.


I smudge and cleanse my space before I begin a project, during New Moon and Full Moon rituals, and after events where I have people in my home. I also do it almost daily before I begin my day at my desk.


This helps clear out old "vibes" and gives my space a cleansed feel.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Our ancestors from many cultures practiced the act of burning sacred herbs to clear energy during ceremonies and to practice magical rituals.


If you decide to pick up the practice of smudging and using smudging tools; I encourage you to learn as much as you can regarding rituals and their history.


Various forms of smudging are considered time-honored traditions that are sacred to many cultures.

White Sage Smudge Stick - TwistfulThinking

How to Use Smudging Tools To Clear Your Space.


A Smudging Kit will typically consist of items that represent the 4 elements of the of life.


Earth - Unlit Herbs

Air - Smoke from the burning herb.

Fire - Herbs that are lit and have a burning ember.

Water - represented by the Abalone Shell.


Sacred Herbs: There are various herbs you can choose to burn during a smudging ritual.


The most common are Sage Flowers and White Sage. Some of the additional favorite herbs are Rosemary, Thyme, Bay Leaves, Cedar and my favorite Palo Santo wood.


These typically are bundled together and tied with string.

Palo Santo Smudge Sticks - TwistfulThinking

Abalone Shell: can be used to hold the herb while you are smudging. Can use any other fireproof bowl or receptacle.

Abalone Shell - UniqueFengShui

Bird Feather: Feathers are used to fan and direct the smoke to where you want it to go.


I have been taught to specifically use a feather in lieu of blowing on the smudge stick with your breath.

Bird Feather - NaturezEnlightenment

Smudging Ritual

smudging tools, smudging ceremony

Set The Intention & Create An Affirmation

Take a moment to think about why you are smudging.


You can create an affirmation such as "Please cleanse my space to rid it of negative energies".


Light Your Smudge Stick

Fan the flame with your feather until you have a strong smoke. Fan the flame all the way out so just the embers are left burning.


Place your burning smudge stick in your abalone shell or hand and fan smoke around yourself first (don't forget to lift each foot and smudge underneath!).


Move The Smoke

Open a window or door to allow the smoke and stagnant energies to escape.


Then fan the smoke around your space be careful not to neglect high corners.


You can recite your affirmation as you smudge your way around your space.


Visualize the negative energy leaving and being replaced with pure and high vibe energy.


Once complete you can extinguish the burning smudge stick in your abalone shell, outside in dirt of the earth, or another fireproof vessel.



I often smudge first with Sage to rid the space of negative energies. I then go back again with Palo Santo which brings in positive energies.


Many people (including myself) find themselves with a weird off balance feeling when just using sage alone.



Palo Santo Smudge Spray: Can be used when lighting a smudge stick isn't an option like... umm at your office desk ;).


You can visualize and silently repeat your affirmation as you do a quick spritz.

Palo Santo Smudge Spray - MomokoTheraputics


I hope you enjoyed the smudging tools and this post helped you find what you need to create your own smudging ritual!


Want to Learn More about clearing negative energy and raising your vibration?


Check Out This Blog Post:

What Is Your Energetic Frequency and How To Raise Your Vibration

Stunning Agate Home Decor Ideas

Stunning Agate Home Decor Ideas

** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

Agate Home Decor 

Do you find yourself drawn to the elegance and sophistication of Agate home decor?


Check out the pieces below to find some stunning elements that you can add to your home to provide an exquisite ambiance that is both magical and earthy.

Zuo® Agate Pattern Box in White

This stunning and luxurious looking accessory box is the perfect compliment to any Agate Home Decor theme.

Best in Agate Home Decor

Agate Table Lamp

This stunning yet simple Agate Lamp will provide an element of sophistication to any library, office, or living space.

I am dying over this lamp & think it would perfect for my up and coming boss babe office ;).

agate lamp

Artisanal Kitchen Supply ® White Marble and Natural Agate Paddle Board

Add an element of modern sophistication to your kitchen with this beautifully designed serving board.

agate serving board

AERIN Black Agate Coasters, 4-Piece Set

These black agate coasters will provide some stunning accents to your dining area and home. Add some class and mood to your agate home decor collection.


agate coasters black


Platinum Metallic Candle with Agate Lid (14OZ)

This metallic candle will provide your room with fresh scents of spruce, allspice, with hints of mandarin.

Hand-poured and made of a soy blend.

agate candle for stunning agate home decor

What Do You Think Of These Stunning Agate Home Decor Pieces?

Check Out More Agate Home Decor Ideas

Sara Daigle - Life Clarity and Power Coach