1:1 Private Coaching 3 Month Program

In our sessions, we dive deep into:


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching Breaking through emotional barriers and limitations related to FEAR, ANXIETY, & SELF SABOTAGE that are causing money and success blocks.


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching We will uncover and change deep-rooted limiting beliefs and thought patterns that you haven't been able to resolve on your own or with current techniques.


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching You will experience massive shifts and changes through the use of NLP and hypnotherapy in your personal conflicts and subconscious reprogramming.


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching Master your productivity and help you create a plan with support & accountability for momentum to create endless prosperity.


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching We will create clarity around your desired outcomes for both the short term & long term.


Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching Together we will create an actionable plan to move forward with your desired goals and manifestations with the help of your subconscious mind to bring things into fruition.

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