Top 5 Ways to Start Living Your Dream Life Now

Learn How to Manifest Your Dream Life

Are you yearning to have the life you want, but quite figure out how to do? Living your dream life is something that society has conditioned us to think is nearly impossible.


Yet there are people out there doing it with passion and carrying out their purpose.


Here are 5 Ways to Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams Now.


Don't Wait! Start on these today and you will start to see a massive shift in your belief system and lifestyle.


Top 5 Ways to Live Your Dream Life Now and Welcome Unlimited Abundance


1. Declutter

Time to get rid everything that is clogging up your life. I mean this in the most literal sense. Make physical room for what you want to call into your life.


Does your dream life involve money, luxurious sweaters, and a fancy new Lexus?


Clean up your surroundings, show the universe that you respect and care for what you have.


Clean out your wallet by throwing out receipts, old gum, and expired coupons. Did you find change and forgotten gift cards? Saw thank you and feel some gratitude for what you have found! Make your wallet a spacious and organized spot for your money.


2. Express Gratitude

Gratitude from

Speaking of saying thanks, write down a list of you are grateful for at this moment. It can be anything - the roof over your head, a running vehicle, your mom, the fact you were able to enjoy a decadent latte this morning.


You can not feel stress or unhappiness at the exact same time that you are expressing gratitude. When you are thankful you increase your vibrational energy and you more easily to attract the good things you want in life.


3. Act As If

Envision yourself with all that you want to have in life as if you already have it. You have to brainwash yourself into believing all that you want is already here.


Your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between what is real and what it isn't.


If it believes that you are a wealthy business owner who makes 5 figure each night while you sleep it will start to manifest that into reality.

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4. Take Action

You need to take action if you want to achieve and receive  in order to start living your dream life. The good news is there are somethings you can do right now and each and every day to get headed in the right direction.


The truth is no matter how tired or burnt out we are we are still wasting time in some area of our life.


Are you watching 3 hours of tv each night and then scrolling Facebook on your phone for another two hours?


Take 5 minutes of your day to write down your goals. Take another hour (which usually leads to more time) working on actionable items such as research, writing, creating an Instagram post.


5. Upgrade Yourself

My favorite way to start feeling like I am living my dream life is to start enjoying things that I want and stop skimping out.


No, you don't need to drive yourself into debt buying designer brand clothes or feel like you have to take the luxury 3-week European vacation quite yet.


You can start to splurge on yourself now, however, replace all the ratty old undies and socks you threw out when you decluttered and replace with something nice that makes you feel good.


For myself and my husband, it is steak. The best cuts of steak from Whole Foods or the butcher a couple time per month.


My husband loves to cook and our meals are better than any of the fancy restaurants in our foodie city. Sure it can be pricey, but it is our thing and how we treat ourselves.

I hope you start putting these into practice today. Once you start treating yourself like the version of you that is already living your dream life, your subconscious mind starts to believe its all possible.

Sara Daigle - Life Clarity and Power Coach
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5 ways to start living your dream life.
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