What is the Energy of Fast Success?

What are manifestation tricks?

What is the Energy of Success?

The Energy of Success allows you to use frequency, vibration, & emotional intelligence as a way to receive more, be in flow, & become a master manifestor.


By operating from this framework, how much you do is no longer how you prove your worth & value to the world.


The world meaning your work, clients, family, partners, & society in general.

To operate from energy you have to know the basics:

  • The energy of money & success


  • What really is limiting your ability to receive.
  • How to create consistent opportunities.


In order to break the cycle of killing yourself to achieve & maintain higher levels of success you must take an ENERGETIC APPROACH TO SUCCESS.

Why is it important to know the Energy of Success?

So you can create a rich, meaningful life that is full of everything you want to be/do/have without BURNOUT.

You can move mountains, create massive success, & love the work you do without:

  • Giving all your energy to to other people.


  • Saying yes to ALL THE THINGS when you really don't want to.


  • Feeling anger, resentment, extreme stress & burnout from all of you energy leaks.

How does the Energy of Success work?

By understanding first of all how energy & vibration affect your life & the opportunities you receive.

Understanding the Energy of Success Will:

  • Explain your money & success limits.


  • Emotional barriers to self worth & fear of getting what you want.


  • How to create consistent momentum in your receiving.

How do I beginning learning about the Energy of Success?

I created a super fast & simple mini training to help you understand & learn about the:

  • energetics of money
  • receiving more
  • and creating momentum.

    Sign up below to grab this free mini training! Enjoy XOXO.

Top 5 Money Manifestation Books

Top 5 Money Manifestation Books
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** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

Top Money Manifestation Books!

I don't think I'll ever stop reading money manifestation books.

They are my guilty pleasure & also my go to when I get stuck or in a plateau with receiving.

It's an amazing way to come back to center, take the seriousness out of it all, & create some quick magick in your life.

Check out my fav all time books below! <3

An amazing book of practices & journal prompts to get you back in alignment with manifestating.

I love Kathrin, she was my very first manifestation mentor and my gateway into the law of attraction world. Such a good read if you want to wipe the slate clean and start a new manifestation practice.

This book is so fun! Jen is hilarious and she breaks down money vibes so easily.

A definite good choice if you want to relax & are exhausted from investing too much brain power into manifesting.

If you've followed Amanda or taking any of her courses you know she will flip your whole world upside down.

A fun book that breaks down her Money Mentality Makeover course.

This book is go to to for a fun, uplifting, deep dive into your worthiness and money blocks.

This is a new book! I've been in Genevieve's world for some time and have loved every course I have ever taken with her! There have been a few!

She definitely makes money manifestation sexy. This book is fun & allows you to get into manifestation alignment with ease.

This is the perfect book if you are experiencing any stagnation or doubt in your money manifestation practice.

This book is made up manifestation practices or experiments that you can do re-invoke your belief in the process.

This book is if you are looking for an easy win to re-inforce your Law of Attraction mindset and power.

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If you are a fan of all things spiritual development, personal growth, witchy things, magick & rituals please check out my Book List .

Witchy Things – Book List

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Are You A True Empath? Find Out In 5 Minutes

How To Find Out If I'm An Empath

Are You A True Empath?

You may already suspect you are true empath because you are Emotionallll.


You feel other people's emotions and absorb them like a sponge.


The thing is about half of the population are empath's & half are not.


I have found many people believe they are true empaths and in fact they are not.

Find Out in 5 Minutes

>> Go to www.geneticmatrix.com .


>> Enter Your Birth Details.


>> Check If Your Solar Plexus/Emotional Center is White or Colored in. (See Pic Example Below).


If this center (circled in Green) is White you are a truth empath.


If it is colored in you are not an empath, but instead of feeling your own emotions which run through your energy constantly.


Check Out the video below to learn a bit more about what the hell you are looking at 😉

Are You An Empath?

I am going to share with you the "personality" test that will allow you to easily find out if you really are a true empath.



Human Design is a system that was created combining the Chinese I'Ching, Kaballah, Hindu Chakra System, Astrology, and Quantum Physics.

Your "results" are an entire energetic blueprint of WHO YOU ARE.


  • Your Strengths & Weaknesses
  • How you Manifest
  • Your Life Purpose
  • How you Communicate with Others
  • How you Process Information
  • How You Make Decisions

This is an extremely intricate system so we are only scratching the surface here.

You will not know what everything means on this chart.

I've been studying this system for almost 2 years now!

There is so much here that will change yo life!

We are taking a look at a tiny aspect here of how this chart works.

Do You Want to Know More?

READ UP: Browse the blogs & articles on www.geneticmatrix.com


Sign Up For Email Updates as I will be providing more free helpful info via blog & emails.



I do a 1 hour recorded readings where I will send you a video of important aspects of your chart that determine where you are struggling in:

Life Purpose & Direction

Motivation & Discipline


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How to Use NLP To Manifest Your Desires

Use NLP To Manifest and Practice Law of Attraction

What is NLP?


NLP is :

Neuro- system of our mind and how we process information.


Linguistic - the language of our mind: sounds, pictures, feelings, smells, and tastes and even our self talk.


Programming - using the programming of our mind to create action and achieve desires.


It is essentially using the program of our mind in order to achieve and manifest our desires.




It was created in the 70's where excellence was modeled after therapists who were creating unwavering change and results in their clients.


It can also be considered the practice of excellence and rewiring your brain to succeed in your life.



We mainly operate from our conscious mind which is very analytical and critical.


We often neglect to think with our subconscious mind which is the powerhouse of our beliefs, actions, habits, emotions, & health.


In order to make a change, we must change on the subconscious level which in many cases (such as hypnotherapy) we need to bypass the critical conscious mind.


With the use of NLP, we use us both the conscious mind and the subconscious to reprogram ourselves for success.

Make changes with your subconscious mind



We take in information through our five senses.


We see, feel, hear, taste, smell, even process information via our internal dialogue.


This is extremely important to know.


When you know how you best process information you can then tailor your mental programming in the most effective way for you.


Our emotions are also a big factor in manifesting.


When you release negative emotions and change the meaning behind past emotional events you can then reprogram yourself for joy, love, & happiness that are essential for calling in your desires.


We also carry belief systems with us that stem from early childhood, society, past generations, and even past lives (if you are a believer).


That is a crazy amount of time to have sticky belief systems about money, success, & health that can cripple our ability to truly believe we can manifest.



The basis of manifestation is knowing exactly what you want and feeling the feelings as if you have it.


You need to feel and believe that what you desire can be attained and that you already have it.


That means you have to release and remove all barriers that get in the way of you believing that you can manifest the thing.


When you use NLP to manifest you can reprogram your brain to remove every barrier that stops you desires from coming into your external reality.



With the work of NLP, you can better visualize by invoking your senses.


If you are more in tune with your sense of feeling you can know to incorporate the act of feeling (internally and/or externally) into your "visualizations".


Visualization doesn't necessarily mean just seeing your desire.


It means creating a picture in your mind's eye and incorporating your senses to make it extremely powerful and believable.


If you are receptive to hearing information you know how to incorporate sounds into your visualization.


If you are more sensitive to feeling (physically or emotionally) you can incorporate the sense of feeling heavily in your visualization.


If you see things you know to incorporate super vivid imagery  (colors, objects, etc) into your picture.


If you are unsure what you're primary sense is;  picture a beach scene and describe out loud as if you were telling a friend.


Record yourself when verbally this beach scene and go back and listen to it.


Write down all sensory words and see if what words are more tied to seeing, hearing, and feeling the scenery.


Whatever sense is most present is your primary representational sense and what you can use to amp up your visualizations.

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Having emotional baggage can keep you stuck and prevent manifesting miracles.


We are carrying around negative emotions since birth (or even before) that get stronger and stronger as we grow older.


Our first initial feeling of anger gets compounded with each new event in our life that we experience anger.


That sh*t gets heavy.


You can not move forward with a new reality if you are tied to emotions of the past.


Think about how much fear stops us in our tracks.


Yes, fear is important, however, our bodies overreact with fear in many situations since we are still wired to be fearful of predators in the wild (snakes & lions).


Often times we believe we want something but there are sneaky emotions that are sabotaging the new beliefs we are trying to instill.


You may be telling yourself over & over that you can have something, but deep down you may not believe you are good enough to attain it.


You can break through emotional barriers such as fear and feelings of unworthiness that often cause self-sabotage through NLP techniques.


You can journal on the below to help you find emotional blockages.

My desire is _____________?


What is stopping me from this desire__________?


What action could I take right now to move me closer to my desire?


What do I feel about this action?


We all have a story about money, success, time, health, and just about any other topic in life.


We have belief systems that have been ingrained very early on from family, society, and past generations.


Think about what comes up from you when you think about making money?


You may have belief systems such as money is hard to make, you can only live to survive, or even that rich people are assholes (one of mine lololol).


These are ideas that you believe with conviction and are part of your mental programming.


In order to manifest your desires, it usually takes a massive upheaval of finding limiting beliefs and changing them.


If you write affirmations over and over again or repeat incantations to yourself while these are powerful sometimes they take a long time to uproot.


With the work of NLP, there are many techniques to quickly get to the root of the limiting beliefs and annihilate them.


As you see; NLP is crucial to the manifestation process because NLP is the process of rewiring your brain and emotions.


If you are interested in the power of your subconscious mind I suggested grabbing my Self Hypnosis Training (FREE) below.


NLP and Hypnotherapy are branches of the same modality and self hypnosis is an amazing way to start hacking your brain for changes in health, money, and mindset.

Self Hypnosis Training for Free

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Top 5 Reasons why Ancestral Healing is Important Work

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Learn How to Manifest
Manifesting Abundance
Positive Affirmations for Manifesting

3 Easy Ways to Communicate with Your Subconscious Mind

Control Your Subconscious Mind

If you are aware of the power of your subconscious mind then you are probably wondering how to communicate with your subconscious mind.


Now if only there were easy was we can communicate with our subconscious directly to shift belief patterns, habits, and healing?


Well... there are! 

Make changes with your subconscious mind

Ways to Communicate with Your Subconscious Mind


There are a variety of techniques you can use at home in order to communicate with your subconscious mind.


Remember all change happens at the Subconscious level.


It is crucial to your physical, emotional, and mental well being to be able to speak directly with the subconscious.


**It's also very important to be able to listen to your subconscious!


This can be done through mindfulness and meditation.

Repetition of Desired Thoughts & Goals


Repeating affirmations by writing them down each day or reciting verbally can be effective when communicating with your subconscious mind.


This can take time and you are working your way through a conscious and deliberate activity over and over again.

This will eventually imprint an idea into your subconscious. 


Example of an affirmation: "Money comes to me quickly and easily". 


Keep at it, if you find that you still are having trouble accepting a new belief as truth.


There may be a conflict with your values and how you identify yourself and the new belief.


This is why crushing limiting beliefs is crucial and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) work comes in handy. 





This can be done by going through an active session with a hypnotherapist, putting yourself in trance (more below), or listening to a recorded hypnosis session.  


With hypnotherapy, you can communicate with your subconscious mind which is the direct source of your beliefs, habits, and healing.


Being in hypnosis is the exact same state as meditation, daydreaming, and visualizing, just with an intention.


Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and beneficial and can be used for a variety of issues such as:

And just about anything else!




I poured over many of these and it appears they are recorded by people who don't fully understand how to do hypnosis or create proper hypnotic suggestions.


Many of them were created with language that will actually have you doing the exact thing you want to stop. 




More to the benefits of hypnosis...


Hypnosis allows us to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind.


This is what rejects thoughts and ideas if they are not considered feasible and also allows suggestions to reach our subconscious.


Don't worry your subconscious is highly moral and also serves to protect you from harm.


You will not be able to receive a harmful suggestion without it being rejected by your subconscious mind and bringing you back to conscious awareness. 

Self Hypnosis Training for Free

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Entering a Trance State


There is immense power in getting into an Alpha Brainwave state which is the same when we meditate and visualize.


This is considered a state of trance.


Your aware and have full control and will most likely hear and even have a conscious awareness of what is going on around you. 


You will just feel very very relaxed. 


Hypnosis puts you in a trance state.


Other ways to reach this brainwave state can be done through:


Guided Visualizations or Visualizing in general - operates the same as hypnosis.


You mind subconscious mind operates in pictures and movies.


By providing vivid imagery including sounds, pictures, and invoking feelings; you will allow your subconscious mind take in the ideas, manifestations, and experiences that you are providing to it.


Looking Up - by shifting your focus upwards and allow your peripheral vision to expand; you enter an alpha brainwave state. This is a great learning state and you can also daydream-visualize from here.


There you have it! I hope you enjoyed these easy to implement methods to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Sara Daigle NLP Coach NLP Practicioner

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Amazing Oracle Decks for the Spiritual Babe

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Law of Attraction and Your Subconscious Mind
Programming Your Subconscious Mind
Control Your Subconscious Mind

Amazing Oracle Decks for the Spiritual Babe


** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

Tarot and Oracle Cards have long been a favorite divination tool.


Used to channel your highest good and tap into your intuition these ritual tools have been used by mystics and wisdom seekers since the mid 18th century.


Oracle Card Decks differ from Tarot as they are less structure and do not have to follow the proper form of Tarot.


Oracle and Angel Cards tend to be more free-form and can follow almost any theme for animal deities, goddesses, earth magic and more!


Tarot cards are amazing if you learn the practice and can be an amazing guide if you learning for structured and more definitive direction.


Oracle cards help you connect to your inner self and follow your higher consciousness.


My Fav Oracle Card Decks

Keepers Of The Light 

by Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray has outdone himself in this card deck.


Known for helping you Raise Your Vibration this deck was created to help us channel our ascendant masters.


By using this deck you will call into your life angels and spirit guides to help you on your journey to divination.


Find it Here: Keepers Of The Light


Earth Magic

by Steven D. Farmer


Maybe I should have put this one last, but I let the cards fall where they may. (lololol).


This is my FAVORITE ORACLE DECK of.all.time.


The stunning artwork is just one of the reasons why I love it so much. The messages in the card deck are hard to beat.


Each card has a detailed meaning of earth's elements.


The creator is a Shamanic Healer and incorporates this into the message of each card.


Find it Here: Earth Magic


This gorgeous deck has taken the spiritual world by storm.


Meggan's Divine Feminine deck allow us to harness the power of our intuition and inner wisdom.


Connect to your higher consciousness with this stunning deck.

Find it Here: The Divine Feminine Oracle 


If you have read any of Rebecca's books (MY FAVORITE!) then you know what a strong and compelling light worker she is.
This oracle deck is her latest work and helps us connect to our soul's calling and greater purpose in this realm.

Find it Here: Work Your Light 

This is probably one of the most popular Oracle Decks to exist and for good reason.
Gabby and her designer created stunning watercolor images along with powerful affirmations and quotes.


This stunning deck is a powerful collection of beautiful imagery and strong, healing messages.


Tap into your wisdom and power through this oracle deck.


Find it Here: Sacred Rebels 



It's hard for me not to fill this entire blog post with Doreen Virtue oracle decks so I will just include my favorite.


Our goddesses full of wisdom including Greek, Hindi, and more are represented in this stunning 44 card deck.


Doreen may no longer support the mystical and angelic realms (she has converted to strict Christianity) her oracle decks live on!


Find it Here: Goddess Guidance 

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Another Alaina Fairchild favorite, this oracle cards go deep and provide the poetry of Rumi.


For those who embrace matters of the heart and soul; these cards will be a deck you are sure to cherish.


Find it Here: Rumi Oracle



I can't leave out this favorite. All of the favorite Archangel's including Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and more.


A common go-to deck for spiritual babes that love to channel and receive guidance for Archangels.

Find it Here: Archangel Oracle Cards


This 44 card deck and guide will help you connect with Native Spirit and healing.


The artwork is scenic and a great guide for working with our ancestors and animal spirits.


Find it Here: Native Spirit 


I love this deck! Mainly because I love crystals!


This deck provides a detailed description of healing crystals and their meanings along with affirmations and guidance.


Find it Here: Crystal Intentions 




These Oracle Cards harness the teachings of Abraham - the collective source that channels through Esther Hicks.


Abraham's teachings have been used as a guide to the Law of Attraction and Manifesting. These cards provide detailed explanations and inspiration.


If you have never heard of Abraham Hicks check out their videos on YouTube!


Find it Here: Getting into the Vortex Cards




Another great deck by Gabby Berstein. She provides amazing and inspiration affirmations that you can use each day.


Her Miracles Now Oracle deck is perfect for your daily dose of spiritual guidance.


Find it Here: Miracles Now

**We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites

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What are manifestation tricks?

What is the Energy of Fast Success?

How To Manifest Love and Relationship Goals

Manifest Your Soulmate: Secrets to Attracting Your Perfect Relationship

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Tarot Cards
Oracle Cards and Oracle Spreads
Tarot Deck and Tarot Spreads

10 Adorable Moon Nursery Ideas for Baby

Moon Nursery Theme

** There may be some affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases <3.

Hey There Moon Magic Mama!


Looking for some moon nursery ideas? Look no further than this collection of the most adorable moon pieces for any baby's room.


If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift for a little boy or girl, these nursery room ideas are the perfect match.



Moon and Cloud Pillow Set


Moon and Cloud Pillow

Check out this plush and perfect Moon and Cloud Pillow set.


Perfect for any baby's room. This set will add a beautiful and comforting aesthetic to your baby's nursery.


Find It Here: Moon and Cloud Pillow Set




Cloud Rug

cloud rug for baby nursery


This cloud rug is an amazing celestial touch that you can add to baby's nursery.


A baby's room isn't complete without an adorable rug, and this will fit your moon nursery theme perfectly!


Find it Here: Cloud Rug

Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp for Baby Nursery

Make baby's room a magical and special place with this moon replica lamp.


Perfect for giving you the soft light you'll need during bedtime routines and changing your little's one diaper.


Find it Here: Moon Lamp



Baby Moon Mobile

Baby Moon Mobile

Baby's love mobile to stimulate brain activity and entertainment.


Encourage your baby's fine motor development with this stunning moon baby mobile for the crib.


Find it Here: Baby Moon Mobile



Stars and Moon Wall Decal

Stars and Moon Wall Decal for Nursery

Need some moon nursery ideas for wall space?


Try a wall decor that will give an instant update to your baby's nursery room.


Find it Here: Stars and Moon Wall Decal

Moon Night Light


Moon Night Light


Moon Night Lights are my favorite moon nursery accessory.


Here is another perfect night light to add some magical ambiance to your little babe's bedroom.


Find it Here: Moon Night Light




Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Wall Print



These wall prints are perfect for any boy or girl nursery.


They will make the perfect baby shower gift because they are so darned cute!


Find it Here: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Wall Print



Reclaimed Wood Moon Wall Decor



If you love the earthy and natural touch of reclaimed wood then this Wood Moon Wall Hanging is the perfect fit for your nursery room decor.


Find it Here: Reclaimed Wood Moon Wall Decor

Silver Moon Nursery Pillow

Silver Moon Nursery Pillow

Another cute pillow must have! Use this pillow as a decorative wall hanging. The silver fabric will add magic to any nursery!


Find it Here: Silver Moon Nursery Pillow



Wood Moon Night Light

If you can't get enough of the Moon inspired night lights then be sure to check out this Wood Moon Night Light.


Perfect for moon nursery ideas that are unique and adorable for any boy or girl!


Find it Here: Wood Moon Night Light

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3 Ways to Overcome Fear FAST

3 Ways to Overcome Fear and Shift to Love

Stunning Agate Home Decor Ideas

Stunning Agate Home Decor Ideas

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Baby Nursery Decor Celestial
Adorable Moon Baby Nursery Ideas
Moon Baby Shower Gifts

How To Make an $500 Extra Money Per Month

Extra Money Ideas

Hey Love!


If you want to make extra money online but thought it was hard; check out this list of ideas below.


Yes there are some ways that are commonly mentioned that have such little reward for a whole lotta work. I won't mention those.


Ways to make extra loot usually comes down to side hustles and cash back offers from shopping which are both two of my favorite ways.


I also included some out of the box options below that you may not have heard of.


Below are my picks for the best ways to make some extra money online. You can make as much or as little as you want with most of these options.

P2P Lending

At first, I wasn't too sure about this option, but it yields a great return if you are able to loan money through a Peer 2 Peer Network.


Essentially you sign up as an investor and lend funds to those looking for a loan.


The interest on the loans is on the higher side yielding a greater return. You can usually choose from low risk (lower return ) and high risk (higher return) options.


Two of the top P2P lending companies are Prosper and Lending Club.



Hands down my favorite way to make money easily. Although I have yet to hit the $100 mark per month, I get a pretty decent amount of cash back.


When you shop online through EBATES website, toolbar extension, or app you earn a % of Cash Back or sometimes even a set dollar amount.


It can add up quickly because sometimes they offer upwards of %30 cash back on some retailers.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Teach English To Children Overseas


This is an extremely viable option and I know many people who earn anywhere from an extra $200 - $2000 per month.


You can teach English to children from China from the comfort of your own home.


The lessons are pre-planned so no work on your part and you can qualify for monthly bonuses.


You may need to get up early to teach for example many classes run 5am-7am, but that might be perfect if you already have another job.


Check out VIPKID to apply.


Cash Back Shopping Apps


This category used to be in the too annoying for me to deal with, but now I found them to be lucrative.


Just like with EBATES, you can get cash back from shopping online using an App.


My other favorites are Ibotta & DOSH.



With Ibotta you just need to scan receipts to rack up pretty decent cash back.


Sign Up Here: IBOTTA and receive a $10 welcome bonus!



DOSH regularly has a referral opportunity where you can sometimes earn $25 for referring someone else which is AWESOME!


I love DOSH because I get cash back from dining out sometimes upwards of 7%. I usually forget and weeks later see that I have earned free money!

Survey Sites

Ok I know survey sites can be on the annoying side, but I included them because they work.


You can easily earn some extra cash from your bed or couch if you are in lounge mode.


It takes a little bit of patience to fill them out (most take around 10-15 mins), but it really is easy money.


The most profitable Survey Sites are Swagbucks and MyPoints.


I had to include this in the list because it is a great income generator! I would add this to the side hustle list because it does require some work.


The amount of work you put into it is up to you. You can choose to blog once a month, once a week, or make it your full-time profession.


Bloggers can earn anywhere from $50 to well over 6 figures each month.


Popular ways to monetize a blog are:


Ad Income

Affiliate Income

Selling Your Own Courses or Products



Check out my blog post: How to Start A Blog On WordPress

Affiliate Marketing


I wanted to break out affiliate marketing into its own separate category because it can be such a lucrative way to make money with or without a blog.


By using a blog you write blog posts that feature products you love and earn money while promoting.


You can also promote services you love to your friends and family.


Almost all retailers and online services offer a refer-a-friend program. You can sign up usually from the bottom of their website and get a link that you can provide to your contacts.


Dosh, Ibotta, Ebates are just some of the retailers that offer this.


Check the services you use to see if they have a refer-a-friend option!


If you want to get serious about affiliate marketing check out this course that has really helped me with the affiliate marketing strategy:

Making Sense of Affiliate Marking


Find the Course Here: http://www.sarakdaigle.com/makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing


The creator of the course Michelle Schroeder makes over $150K/month!



Below are some of my favorite ways to make extra income. You can build these up and make as much as you want.


Buy Crystals wholesale and sell on Etsy or another platform.


Many friends of mine have created their very own online shop for crystals. It is a great side hustle to help generate additional income while doing something they love.


Create an online course and sell on your website or Skillshare


Creating online courses if you have a talent or skill is an easy way to recreate monthly recurring revenue.


For instance, I create and sell online courses when it comes to setting goals, manifesting money, and even creating an online store (coming soon) to sell digital and tangible products.


Make a thing and sell it!!


Seriously setting up your own online shop is easy these days.


I make handmade soap and around the holidays or generally whenever I feel like it I make soap and sell to family & friends.


I don't even have a website for it right now (although I will build one on WordPress in time for Christmas).


Currently, I post from my facebook biz page and allow family and friends to pay via PayPal. It is usually an easy $250 -$500.


Create an online Print on Demand Shop


You can easily sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, and prints online without much design experience.


If you already have a brand or website try adding some branded mugs to your site.


I use Printful for my husband's side hustle biz https://www.thesteakdad.com.


I do have the advantage that he is an artist, but I have started to create my own designs and will have my own shop running on this website very soon!


The beauty about print on demand is that it is super simple to get started and you don't have any upfront costs!


You do not have to hold any inventory as the products are printed and shipped each time an order is placed.

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9 Bullet Journal Ideas for Woo Woo Babes


For us, spiritual boss babes, creativity is part of our process and flow.


Discover magical bullet journal ideas for woo babes below.


The divine feminine holds our creative power, however, we may not all have figured out the most therapeutic way to unleash this creativity.


That is why I love bullet journaling! At first, I was extremely hesitant to due to a lack of artistic ability.


Now I love to organize my thoughts in a gorgeous bullet journal format.


Check out the bullet journal ideas for woo babes below to help ignite some passions and create a more mindful journaling experience.

1 .  Track the Moon Cycles

How magical and full of moon power is this bullet journal idea for woo woo babes!

This is hands down my favorite way to keep track of the lunar phases and dates.


Moon Phase Bullet Journal Spread

Source: @thebujophase

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2. Mood Mandalas


This has got to be my favorite mood tracker page I've seen yet! I love the different and creative ways that mood tracker pages have been designed, but this Mandala is by far my favorite!


boho berry mood mandala

Source: bohoberry.com 



It could just be that I am a freak for The Secret and Law of Attraction, but I love this Quotes page.

I actually hadn't thought of creating quote bullet journal spreads, but now I am alllll about it!


Bullet Journal Quotes

Source: @toris_bujo



4. Dream Journaling Design


This gorgeous bullet journal page is full of dream watercolor. This would be a perfect aesthetic for a dream tracker!


Halees Comet Dreaming Journal

source @haylees.comet



5. Crystal Designs

Doodling and drawing crystals in your bullet journal has got to be the most high vibe way to bullet journal ever!


Halees Comet Crystals

source @haylees.comet



6.  Goal Setting


Another favorite from Boho Berry. Level 10 Life Goal setting is one of my favorite techniques to utilize when planning all areas of my life.


I love the way she created this level 10 bullet journal spread!


level 10 goals bullet journal

Source: Bohoberry.com

7. Self Care

Self Care is the most important human need.


Tracking your self-care and creating pretty bullet journal spreads for it is a great way to motivate you to carve out time for your own needs.


self care bullet journal page

Source: misslouie.com


8. Gratitude Tracker


Keep a gratitude diary in your bullet journal!


Such a great way to remember to practice gratitude each day to help you give thanks and manifest your desires.

Gratitude Tracker Bullet Journal

Source : https://thepetiteplanner.com/monthly-layout-march/



9. Celestial Inspired To Do List


Create Gorgeous Moon and Stars pages in your bullet journal to incorporate some ultimate woo!


Celestial Inspired To Do List

Source: @jannplansthings


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