Top 5 Money Mindset Books

Top 5 Money Mindset Books

Want More Wealth And Abundance?

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You will need a strong money mindset. Without one you are probably blocking wealth and the flow of money to you on a regular basis and might not even know it.


I love reading books and practicing mindset work. I am a clarity coach after all and I believe and practice the 80/20 rule. This is that success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy (which is why I teach both!).


What is money mindset?

It is your belief systems around money. If you are a law of attraction practitioner than you know that what you focus on is what you attract.


If you focus on being broke and having a lack of money (or a lack of anything love, material possessions, joy etc) you will attract a lack of all these things more and more.


If you focus on gratitude for what you have, wealth, and prosperity you will find you will start attracting MORE OF THESE THINGS!


The books below are my favorite for getting my money mindset in tip-top shape. You have to do the work and each book guides you on how to construct a healthy and winning money mindset.

Think And Grow Rich - Napolean Hill

This is the landmark book about money mindset. Napolean Hill is an old-timey dude who spent his entire life researching the top millionaires of his time including Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford to find out why they were successful.

This book is my #1 starting place for learning techniques to develop a strong understanding of attracting wealth.


Grab Your Copy Here: Think and Grow Rich

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! - Denise Duffield-Thomas

One of my absolute favorites! Denise breaks down the steps that she has taken personally to become wealthy. She is relatable and super funny through the book and she provides you with actionable steps to take each chapter to help you smash your crappy money story and replace it with one that is full of wealth.


Grab Your Copy Here: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!

Unleash Your Inner Money Babe - Kathrin Zenkina

Ahh, I love this book and Kathrin. I am lucky enough to have had Kathrin mentor me and she has helped me increase abundance and attract money into my life in ways I could not have dreamed.

Her best selling 21-day workbook takes you through daily practices to guide you in attracting $1,000 (or more) into your life.

Kathrin is a money mindset queen and this book is fun and super powerful.

Grab Your Copy Here: Unleash Your Inner Money Babe

The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D Wattles

Such a Classic. Another old-timey book jam-packed with the knowledge you need to know to practice law of attraction.

Straightforward and to the point, this quick read dives right into undoing your conditioned beliefs about money that are damaging your ability to attract wealth.

Grab Your Copy Here: The Science of Getting Rich

Money, A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want  - Kate Northrup

Another great book by a female entrepreneur that I have learned so much from.

I am lucky enough to live the next town over from Kate and have been able to soak up all her knowledge for quite a few years now.

This book will have you diving deep into your relationship with money. Kate uses money mindset and applicable exercises to help you heal, get out of debt, and create a ton of wealth and prosperity in your life.


Grab Your Copy Here: Money, A Love Story

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