3 Ways to Overcome Fear and Shift to Love

3 Ways to Overcome Fear FAST

Wondering Why You Need To Overcome Fear?


“Leave me alone!”

“I’m so overwhelmed right now.”

“I can’t make up my mind!”

Have you ever said or felt either of these fear-driven things?


Fear rears its head in many different forms.


It causes us to shut down to life and opportunities, and even push those away from us who we truly love.


When we respond to situations from a place of fear it causes big problems in life.


When we don't overcome fear we shut down not only to the outside world but to ourselves.


This can create a life where you feel alone, stressed and confused.

How to overcome fear in 5 seconds

Fear Stops Our Success


And if you want to be successful in business and life, you need to learn how to maintain an open mindset and heart space. You need to ensure you arent closing doors for yourself or pushing away those you love or who can help you.


Responding to life and situations from a perspective of love allows you to attract amazing things and overcome fear. It will allow you to change your outcomes and maintain and even strengthen relationships.

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3 Ways To Shift From Fear to Love


So, here are some quick tips for you to overcome fear and shift to love in under 5 seconds:


 Think of 3 things youre grateful for. This will immediately shift your energy and perspective to what truly matters in life. Pause, take a breath and think of three things and then notice the difference in how you choose to respond.

Lower your attention to your chest and heart space, and consciously respond to the person or situation as if youre speaking from your heart. Its amazing how much wisdom our heart contains and when you reply to someone from your heart


 Up your meditation practice. Try a ‘loving kindness’ meditation or you can listen to a heart focused meditation recorded by me, here.

shift from fear to love



And my final bonus tip, is to smile.


Honestly, this might seem simple, but our body reflects our mind and our mind reflects our body.


Often, when we are stressed and shut down in a fear state we are feeling anything less than happy.


Shifting into a smile can almost trick you to feel grateful and happy and it can very powerfully change your perspective.


So, there you have it, 4 simple tips to shift from fear to love in an instant. Try these on next time you are challenged or feel the negative emotion and notice how different it feels.



Juliet Lever Overcome Fear

Juliet Lever is an Australian Life Coach who believes we are all born for a reason and that we all have the ability to live our most fulfilling lives.


Juliet transformed her own life just 4 years ago and has now dedicated her life to supporting women to pursue their dreams and discover their highest potential in life.


She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, NLP Master teaching NLP Certifications, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Licensed Resiliency Coach with Heartmath.


She has been running her own International coaching business Relaunch My Life full time for 3 years now.


Juliet has hosted women's transformational retreats in Adelaide and Bali for the past 3 years.  In 2017 she published her best-selling self-help book Relaunch My Life.


The book is a teaching memoir documenting how she changed her life with activities for you to follow along the way.

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How To Quickly Overcome Fear in 5 seconds
3 Ways to Overcome Fear

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