5 Must-Have Abundance Attracting Crystals

Crystals For Abundance

By: Brighid An Lasair | brighid@labyrinthwalking.net | labyrinthwalking.net

abundance attracting crystals

Abundance has many meanings, though most people automatically associate abundance with financial abundance or prosperity.


Throughout my years of practice in metaphysics and crystal healing, I’ve found that abundance requires a multi-faceted approach.


It is not just focusing on attracting the wealth that you desire but also removing any energetic obstacles.


Below, I’ve created a list of my must-have abundance attracting crystals in a balanced but intricate way that works not only for short-term but long-term growth and success.

Abundance Attracting Crystals



Citrine for Abundance

Citrine is a powerful ally in the quest for abundance.


Not only does it attract money, but it also improves our confidence and gives us the courage we need to pursue our dreams.


Tied to the solar plexus chakra, this stone taps into our personal power, rejuvenating us when we need it most.


Oftentimes, our biggest roadblocks on the path to abundance is the limitation that we place on ourselves.


Citrine helps us to work through those limitations and see what we’re truly capable of.  


As this crystal removes or lessens our tendency to cloak ourselves in doubt and fear, it truly helps to open the gates of abundance to us.


Natural citrine, like the piece pictured, tends to be much more energetic than its heat-treated counterpart.


This means that it’s typically much more effective when working to draw in abundance and prosperity.


If you’re not able to find a piece of natural citrine, try pairing the heat treated variety with a clear quartz to amplify its energy.


pyrite for abundance

Also known as fool’s gold, pyrite assists us in attracting love, luck, health and wealth.


By tapping into our seat of personal power (the solar plexus), pyrite boosts our self-confidence and encourages us to elevate our view of the future.


Pyrite is one of the best abundance attracting crystals as it alleviates worry and promoting clear decisions that best serve us.


As a highly protective stone, pyrite also shields us from energies and intentions that would otherwise hold us back or sabotage our efforts altogether.


Emitting a unique energy field within the aura, this crystal will keep you focused on your goals, and also aid in maintaining a positive mindset that fosters growth and abundance at all levels of existence.


green adventurine for abundance

Aventurine comes in many colors, so it’s important to note that we are specifically talking about green aventurine when working to attract abundance.


While attracting money, aventurine also encourages us to continue growing both spiritually and professionally.


It’s through this support of growth that aventurine truly shines, as when we grow within ourselves, the things we attract to us also grow.


Working closely with the heart chakra, this crystal helps us to release our fear and anxiety on our path to abundance.


This release of energy makes room for abundance to flow in.


Clearing out anxiety and fear can also bring about clarity, allowing us to see new paths and opportunities for abundance.


Self-care is another facet of abundance that is facilitated through the use of aventurine.


When we care for ourselves, we allow our best self to emerge, which in turn allows us to share our best self with the world around us.


It is when we are truly at our best that we are able to manifest our dreams in abundance.

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Red Jasper

red jasper for abundance


Though typically overlooked when it comes to abundance, red jasper is a vital component for its attraction.


Another one of the amazing abundance attracting crystals,  Red Jasper finds its home within the root chakra, which is also the seat of stability and security.


When we aren’t stable and secure within our financials or general abundance, we push it further away from us.


Red Jasper works with the root chakra to stabilize us and offer security while opening a channel to ground out our insecurities and anxiety.  


Through its connection to root chakra, red jasper allows us to also remain grounded in our purpose and intentions, ensuring that we don’t lose sight of our goals.


Red Jasper is a powerhouse for providing us with the stability, security, and grounding we need to truly draw abundance to ourselves.


selenite for abundance

A master of manifestation, selenite aids us in manifesting and attracting abundance, as well as other desires, into our lives.


This crystal works through the crown chakra, drawing in the energy of the universe and manifesting our intentions within the physical realm.


Utilizing its connection to the crown chakra and cleansing properties, selenite also aids us in clearing away mental fog and confusion, allowing us to form more concise intentions for abundance.


In our moments of doubt, and when self-limiting beliefs surface, selenite will help to break down these barriers and clear away energetic blocks.


As these releases take place, this crystal works to transform the energy into something beneficial, and supporting of our highest good, further enabling us to attract abundance instead of blocking it out.

The crystals mentioned provide the best results when used together, but will offer you support individually as well.


To help you attract abundance, I’ve put together a special Abundance Attraction Crystal Kit that’s available now in limited quantity.


These kits feature one piece of each of the stones discussed as well as an instruction guide for use and care.


For more crystal tips and guides, be sure to check out my shop website and blog.

Brighid An Lasair

Brighid An Lasair

Brighid An Lasair is the Owner and Education Director of Labyrinth Walking, a soul-centered metaphysical store located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Brighid has a passion for healing those around her and guiding those in need along their path to spiritual growth.

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